Could The Bowl be moved to another day if the weather gets too rough?

The Super Bowl, now coming to a day near you. Could Super Bowl Sunday be delayed for the advent of Super Bowl Wednesday? Now that sportsbook wagering fans have seen blizzard bowls, and watched some of their favorite players slip in the snow, the online betting community has to begun to wonder what might happen if a blizzard really does drop on MetLife Stadium on February 2nd. Because this one, Super Bowl XLVIII, is the first time the major event of the NFL football wagering season will be staged outdoors, in a cold weather state.

Frank Supovitz, a senior vice president for the National Football League, admitted the league’s contingency plans have included discussion of moving the Super Bowl to Saturday, or delaying it a week. He told a YouWager news source, “There are postponement scenarios or rescheduling scenarios for 256 regular-season games each year. Same thing for Super Bowls since the beginning of Super Bowls. We’ve had those in place. The fact is we’ve been in cold weather cities before, we’ve been in situations where snow has fallen ahead of the Super Bowl.”

But some of the cold weather cities that host NFL teams have covered domes, one seasoned sportsbook bettor has pointed out. The final decision to move the bowl to another day will belong to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, according to Supovitz. Nearly two years ago, Goodell said, in a public announcement, “I’m a big believer that the game of football is played in all elements. Some of them are our classic games, were played in snow or ice or cold.” Supovitz assured YouWager’s source, “There are contingency plans for multiple days. Public safety is going to be the most key concern. We will consult with public safety on both sides of the river.”

Before Super Bowl XLVIII, the field will be covered. Along with blowers, ready to clear yard lines, there will be a snow-melter outside the stadium that can melt 600,000 tons of snow per hour. Additionally, 60,000 tons or salt have been stored within 30 miles of event.

Daniel Kaplan, a spokesman for the Super Bowl, promises every seat at the game will be furnished with gloves, hand warmers, ear muffs, lip balms, Kleenex, and other extras.

If the game is moved, online sportsbook wagering fans that attend the Super Bowl may face a nightmare in adjusting travel accommodations if that industry is forced to shift the days, too. One consolation, if a blizzard hits New Jersey? This season’s Super Bowl could have the funniest replays fans have ever seen.

As Philadelphia lineman Lane Johnson said of his team’s recent contest with Detroit, “It was like cows on ice.”


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