“I’ve hit them in the 70s in practice.”
– Matt Prater, kicker, Denver Broncos

“I hit one from 70 yards in pregame in Detroit this past Monday night.”
– Justin Tucker, kicker, Baltimore Ravens
Will online sportsbook bettors soon see 70-yard field goal attempts, in NFL games?

Justin Tucker, a kicker for the Baltimore Ravens, and Matt Prater, kicker for the Denver Broncos, think it can happen. Tucker’s 61-yard kick changed the playoff chances for the Ravens, in their recent matchup with the Detroit Lions. Tucker’s kick only barely made it, but he told a YouWager news source that he believes he could come up with 9 more yards, “under the right conditions.”

Tucker said, “If I pulled out the 8-degree driver – on a day when I’m feeling real fresh – I could probably hit one from 70 yards.”

The ‘right conditions’ might be found in Denver, Colorado, at Mile High Stadium. Before Baltimore’s first game of the 2013 NFL football wagering season, Tucker said that in pre-game warm ups, he hit one from 79 yards away. One NFL scout says he saw Denver’s Matt Prater make a 69-yard attempt there in a practice session.

Matt Prater told YouWager’s source that he consistently makes kicks longer than 60 yards in practice. On December 8th, in a game against the Tennessee Titans, Prater’s last minute game-winning 64-yard kick made NFL history, as the longest successful kick on record. Prater later said, “Such an awesome moment, I’m glad it came in a win. It was crazy, it was awesome because almost the whole team rushed the field after that kick. It definitely was a momentum swing.”

The previous record was 63 yards. This was shared by Tom Dempsey, Sebastian Janikowski, and David Akers. Janikowski failed to make a 64-yard kick in 2007, and a 76-yard kick in 2008. 3 of the 5 63-yard kicks were made in Denver, where the home stadium for the Broncos is 5,280 feet above sea level. Like flying airplanes, kicking record field goals is all about attitude and altitude, apparently.

Internet football wagering fans have seen more 50-yard attempts in recent years, and more teams gambling on a kick from far out, because field goal accuracy has dramatically increased in last twenty years, NFL football betting experts say. Could the online betting community soon see teams wagering on a game’s outcome with a 70-yard field goal attempt? It would have to be a unique situation, given the risk a failed kick might cost a team, one analyst says. Spectacular field goals attempts can be a colossal wager for a team. In his college career for the University of Central Florida, Prater once missed an extra point attempt and it cost his team the Hawaii Bowl. As one of YouWager’s football wagering analysts pointed out, those who live by the kick, also die by the kick.


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