Brad Pitt’s role in Moneyball, a movie based on the book by Michael Lewis, about a revolutionary approach to building a team, brought Pitt an Academy Award nomination. Perhaps Kevin Costner has similar ambitions. The online wagering community will probably agree that Costner has had some major success with sports-themed movies in the past. In movies like Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, baseball has been very very good to him. Now, NFL wagering enthusiasts that are also film buffs can watch Costner tackle football.

Could the Cleveland Browns win a Super Bowl? In a movie, anything is possible. ‘Draft Day’ was written by playwright Rajiv Joseph. Joseph describes himself as a lifelong Browns fan, but only so much fiction would fly, he admits. He wanted to the make the movie believable. Joseph’s play, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

Joseph described Draft Day’s plot to a YouWager news source: “It’s a movie that takes place in one day. It’s about the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. His professional and personal lives collide on the day of the NFL draft. He has these draft picks and he’s trying to save his team, which is going down the drain. Not a big stretch for many Browns fans.”

Obviously, this will not be a lighthearted comedy. The recent sad history of Cleveland’s football club suggests heavy drama, but Joseph promises the story has a few laughs along the way. “The stakes are high and he’s up against the clock,” he said.

Joseph says he is excited that Ivan Reitman, known for hits such as Stripes, Ghostbusters, and Dave, is directing the film. “I am a huge fan of Ivan’s,” Joseph told YouWager’s source. “To meet him was a big thrill. He’s a great guy to have on our side in this.”

Joseph maintains that Kevin Costner’s role, as the team’s general manager is entirely fictional. Astute football wagering fans may know that in the real world, the Cleveland Browns have a new general manager, with Michael Lombardi’s promotion from Vice President. Is the sports betting public ready for a story told from an NFL executive’s point of view? Internet wagering fans may enjoy Draft Day’s day-in-the-life look at the insider trading –and fighting- for the best player in the country. Draft Day also features Frank Langella, Jennifer Garner, Denis Leary, and Sam Elliott.

The movie is scheduled for release next April.


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