Bryant Feels More Locked In Than Ever: NBA News at YouWager

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant as well as several YouWager bettors believe the player’s knee injury wasn’t caused by him returning to the lineup too quickly from an Achilles injury in the same leg.

The 35 year-old player, speaking before the Lakers’ 101-95 defeat versus the Miami Heat, said he has no plans to shut it down for the season and is as determined as ever to play even while suffering a fracture of the lateral tibial plateau in his left knee just six games into his return from the Achilles tear.

“I think I feel more locked in now than I’ve been my entire career because of this,” according to Bryant. “The spirits are fine, the focus is great. Just going to see what happens when I come back.”

The star player is nearly one week into the six-week timetable that was set when he underwent an MRI on his left knee following Los Angeles’ 96-92 road victory versus the Memphis Grizzlies. Bryant said he was “not aware” of any reason he would be sidelined any longer than that.

“My philosophy on that kind of stuff is: Do your job,” Bryant stated. “You owe it to the organization and your teammates to get ready as fast and as quickly as you possibly can and to come back as strong as you possibly can.”

Being out of the Lakers lineup has allowed Bryant to dissect how he played in the six games he appeared in before the fracture.

The 5x NBA champion had averaged 13.8 points, 4.3 rebounds and 6.3 assists on 42.5 percent shooting in his brief return and mostly liked his results.


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