“We fired Chud? You’re kidding, right? Are you kidding me?”

– D’Qwell Jackson, linebacker, Cleveland Browns

Head coach Rob Chudzinski couldn’t rebuild the Cleveland Browns fast enough in the 2013 NFL football wagering season, and it has cost him his job. While many sportsbook bettors wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Washington’s coach Mike Shanahan has been fired by owner Mike Shanahan, Chudzinki’s dismissal caught some fans and even some Browns players off-guard.

Only hours after the Browns lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, coach Chudzinski got the boot. This year, football wagering fans were encouraged to see the Browns begin the season with much hope and limited success, but they lost their last 7 games and ended with a dismal 4-12 record. Chudzinski, a lifelong Browns fan, started his dream job on January 11th. He had already worked for the franchise in two coaching positions. By November 3rd, Cleveland was 4-5, with a victory over the reigning NFL champs, the Baltimore Ravens, but as online oddsmakers put it, the team seemed to fall apart as the 2013 football wagering season progressed.

According to a YouWager news source, the Browns released an official statement that reads, ”We appreciate Chud’s passion for the Browns, and we have great respect for him both personally and professionally. We needed to see progress with this football team. We needed to see development and improvement as the season evolved and, unfortunately, we took a concerning step backward in the second half of the year. Our fans deserve to see a consistently competitive team. We have high standards, and there’s an urgency for success. When we believed we were not positioned to achieve significant progress in 2014, we knew we had to admit that a change was needed, and move forward. Browns fans are the most loyal and passionate supporters in the NFL. We’re fully committed to bringing them the winning football team they deserve.”

A month ago, the team’s CEO, Joe Banner, told a YouWager source, ”I’d be hard pressed to think that in nine weeks a first-time head coach can do any better or any more than he’s doing. All of the measurables that you’d look to come up with, if you even wanted to create a yardstick of measuring at this moment, I just think he’s doing an outstanding job.”

That support from the front office apparently evaporated as the team’s losses started piling up. Internet wagering enthusiasts found little to be enthusiastic about, too, when Cleveland’s 6th consecutive double-digit losing season ended with the Steelers defeating them 20-7.

Even as the team continued to lose, many players expressed their support and admiration for their coach. Before Chudzinski was fired, offensive Tackle Joe Thomas told YouWager’s source, “You look at the great franchises. They don’t fire your coach after the first season.”


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