Be cool, stay in school. That used to be the standard advice for young people. It’s not so clear anymore, is it? As any of YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans know, a promising player can bet on his future early and win a payout big enough to last several lifetimes. Or he could lose everything with one injury. A calculated risk, it could be the ultimate wager. Many years ago, when a famous football player was thinking about turning pro, humorist Will Rogers advised the young man to make all the money he could in college first.

Johnny Manziel has already discovered avenues for income that some professionals never develop. His fans call him ‘Johnny Football.’ The financial rewards his autographs might bring forced the NCAA to consider reevaluating their rules. ESPN enlisted Manziel to help with the broadcast of the BCS championship game.

While many online sportsbook bettors may salivate at the prospect of the Texas A&M quarterback entering the 2014 NFL Draft, the young man still has two years of school to complete.

Or, he could drop out and enter the NFL.

Manziel told a YouWager news source that he hasn’t decided if he will return to play with the Aggies for the 2014 college football wagering season. He has until January 15th to decide. Manziel says he plans to get his family’s input on his Wager Of A Lifetime.

“I want to make the right decision that’s best for me and my family,” Manziel told YouWager’s source.

Right now, some of the Internet’s leading oddsmakers see Manziel as the number 8 player overall for this year, in terms of eligibility. He would surely be a top 10 selection, most say. Some NFL wagering analysts have concerns, however. Manziel’s exploits off the field have already generated negative publicity.

Online wagering enthusiasts recently saw Manziel lead Texas A&M to rally for an exciting win over Duke in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on January first. Many wondered if this was the last time they would see ‘Johnny Football’ in a college football game.

Manziel hit center stage for the online wagering community when he led the Aggies to a 29–24 victory over number one-rated Alabama in the 2012 season. During the game, Manziel claimed 345 of A&M’s 418 total yards, and that included passing for 2 touchdowns. Instantly, Manziel became the top candidate for the Heisman Trophy as he broke several significant records. As a freshman, he became the 5th player in the history of the NCAA to pass for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in a season.

Fanatical students and fans were calling Manziel ‘Johnny Football’ before the 2012 college football betting season even got underway. Now, the label is a registered trademark.


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