Seahawks’ Fans Cause an Earthquake: NFL News at YouWager

Not once but twice have the Seattle Seahawks caused a human-generated earthquake. According to seismologists, fans shook the ground under Seattle’s CenturyLink Field during Saturday’s loss versus the New Orleans Saints.

The scientists consider the small earthquake during a Marshawn Lynch touchdown was probably greater than Lynch’s famous “beast quake” touchdown run three years ago, which also occurred during a game against the Saints.

John Vidale of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) at the University of Washington stated they will know for sure in a few days.

PNSN posted graphs during the game via its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Seahawks’ fans jumped and stomped their way to magnitude 1 or 2 earthquake in the 2011 NFL playoff game during Lynch’s rambling, tackle-breaking “beast quake” run.


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