Peyton Manning is the only starting QB in the playoffs not drafted by MLB

Yes, Manning can throw. But how well could he throw a baseball? While many of the Internet’s NFL football wagering fans see Peyton Manning, as a moneymaking star quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and one of the most talented quarterbacks to compete in the playoffs this weekend, online sportsbook bettors may be surprised to know the elite passer comes up short against his opponents in one category.

Manning was never recruited by Major League Baseball.

Out of the four remaining NFL quarterbacks to start in the playoffs, he is the only one that wasn’t drafted by a baseball team. New England’s Tom Brady went to high school with that infamous steroid-powered batter, Barry Bonds, and Brady nearly went into the same line of work. The Patriots quarterback was drafted in the 18th round of the MLB Draft, by the Montreal Expos. As a catcher, Brady might have fared better in the MLB Draft if it hadn’t been for his football scholarship with the University of Michigan. Otherwise, according to a top sports betting analyst at YouWager, Brady might have been a 5th round pick.

Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, was a 4th round pick as a second baseman in 2010 for the Rockies. Wilson was also drafted in the 41st round in 2007 MLB right out of high school. Wilson actually played some hard ball in the franchise’s farm system. During the 2011 Major League Baseball wagering season, in the farm system, as a second baseman, Wilson hit .229/.354/.356, with 5 home runs, 19 stolen bases, and 118 strikeouts, during 93 Class A games.

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco’s quarterback, was also drafted by the Major Leagues. The Chicago Cubs selected Kaepernick in the 43rd round of the 2009 MLB Draft. Perhaps Kaepernick realized that he would be in more divisional contests if he stuck to throwing pigskin. Sunday will mark the 3rd time YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans have seen the young man in the NFC playoffs three years in a row now. The Cubs have only made it to 3 National League Championship matches since 1946.

This weekend, Peyton Manning may be the only starting quarterback that wasn’t drafted by a Major League team, but he does have some experience playing baseball, in high school. Manning told a YouWager news source, “I played shortstop. I wasn’t good enough to stick with it. I love playing. I probably outgrew the position about my senior year. But I love the bus rides. I love the camaraderie. All my receivers played baseball with me. In the summer, we’d go out and play baseball in a summer league, we come back from a game and keep our spikes on and go out and throw. I always kept a football in my bag.”


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