But who is the greatest quarterback of all time?

“They are obviously not too many differences. They’re great quarterbacks. They do a great job keeping guys accountable with their leadership skills. If there’s two guys you want quarterbacking your team, it’s a toss up between those two.”

– Wes Welker, wide receiver, Denver Broncos, on comparisons between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady

Maybe it’s easier for them to talk about the coaches. As YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans gear up for the playoff match many of them have waited all season to see, a showdown on Sunday between the Denver Broncos, with Peyton Manning and company and the New England Patriots, featuring Tom Brady and company, comparisons and compliments are circulating within the online wagering community between the league’s two most successful quarterbacks. Both ball-throwers have been so productive in football’s modern era, that it may be difficult to actually characterize their abilities in a fair comparison.

Wes Welker has been asked countless times about the differences between the two men, for obvious reasons, as he has caught several passes from both of them. After he joined the Pats in 2007, Welker soon managed to catch more passes than any player in the National Football League. In only 70 games, Welker had 500 receptions. He holds New England’s franchise record for the most consecutive games with receptions, too. In the 2013 NFL football wagering season, now playing for the Broncos, by Week 11 Welker had made 50 receptions, more than he had in the season before for the Patriots. Then he got hit on the head a couple of times. Out with a concussion diagnosis for the rest of the regular season, coach John Fox announced not long ago that Welker was cleared to play in Denver’s divisional playoff on January 12th.

While it may be entertaining for online sportsbook bettors to debate the merits, strengths, and weaknesses of two of the most productive quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, they won’t truly be going head-to-head in Sunday’s matchup. As a top NFL analyst at YouWager points out, when Tom Brady is on the field, Peyton Manning will be doing whatever he needs to do to prepare for his next offensive plan of attack.

Calling Peyton Manning one of the smartest quarterbacks playing right now, some Internet wagering fans feel the real contest is between Manning and Bill Belichick, a man many concede is the greatest NFL coach ever. Even Manning will admit that he agrees with this assessment. Manning told a YouWager news source, “Coach Belichick is the best coach I’ve ever competed against. I think it’s safe to say he’ll go down as the greatest NFL coach of all time.”

Belichick was also kind in his remarks about Denver’s success in the 2013 NFL football wagering season. He told YouWager’s source, “I don’t see them run a lot of bad plays into plays that just have no chance.”

Manning wouldn’t assign a ranking to his top competitor for the NFL record books, but he praised Brady’s dependability. “I think the one thing that jumps out about Tom is his consistency. I feel he’s been a better player each year than he was the year before. That speaks to his work ethic in the offseason, his refusal to be complacent or satisfied. He always feels he can step his game up one level higher, which, after some of the seasons he’s had you say, how can you do better than that? But he has done that,” Manning said.


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