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High over/under figures don’t come by all that often! – The Chiefs vs Rams Monday Night game is likely to become one of the highlights of the NFL season, featuring two of the strongest and most likely MVP-filled teams in the league. Judging by their varying strengths and weaknesses, both LA and Kansas City make perfect opponents: if the Chiefs can outscore nearly every opponent, the Rams defense has been able to keep some very worthy foes away from the goal line at crucial times. These two football powerhouses will do battle on Monday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (8:15 pm ET).

In following with our Monday Night Football tradition, we will go over some of the most defining features for each team, allowing you to get a clearer version of the reality for each squad. YOUWAGER’s exclusive Monday & Thursday Night Football Contests are your best opportunity to win huge free play prizes; simply predict the final score for each team and get one step closer to earning one of the biggest betting cash pots in the industry.

As per our latest research results, the Rams are leading pundit preferences with a -3½ point spread; the over/under has garnered special attention, as it stands at a record-high 63 ½ total.

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You won’t miss out on the best action anymore! Naturally, oddsmakers will make use of certain pauses or hiatuses during a game’s regular running time to post the updated odds. They usually put up their live betting lines during commercial breaks or during very brief stops between normal play, which is why you might not find odds available at every instance. Depending on the sport, the posting of live betting odds may vary according to unique time settings, as is the case with Tennis matches where live action odds can only be found between sets and other longer interludes.

In-Game Dynamics

Live Betting demands that the player possesses a deep knowledge of the sport and that he/she is able to make sharp decisions within very short time frames. In-Game betting can surely become a double-edged sword and make you lose money quickly and without much of a hint, this is why it is super important that you don’t lose sight of the details and keep your concentration on at all times. It might not be prudent to engage in some live betting while hanging out with your buddies or while doing anything else that could keep you absent-minded and not 100% on your game.


Dig Deep

Very simply put: don’t bet it if you don’t know it well enough. Betting on live odds on a random sport because it happens to be there is definitely not the best way to win. The very volatile nature of live betting requires of a very acute sense of the sports discipline, including other useful factors such as individual player stats, a team’s long and short-term performance, injuries, and on this very particular case, a proper reading of the trends and swings of the action on the go. Make sure to read every available news article, and stay on top of the ups and downs of your team; without fully understanding their flaws, you won’t be able to take advantage of their strengths.

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Read the Signs

Once with a more thorough knowledge of the pre-game stats, you will be able to put that know-how to good use and apply your best skills to read the hidden signs and make some juicy wins. The trick in successful Live Betting lies in staying one step ahead of odds makers and accurately predicting the next moves. Betting on the favorite team while it is slightly losing a game is one of the most popular strategies; a temporary low for the top team during game time will result in the lowering of betting odd prices, allowing you to get great discounts and bigger wins at the end of the match.

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