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With the 2018 college football season in its late stages and steamrolling towards its conference championship week, now is a great time for you to get some expert college football betting tips that could, not only help you cash in over the remainder of this season but for seasons beyond.

Whether you love the biggest and most well-known collegiate gridiron programs in the country or you favor mid-majors or smaller schools, you’re going to find the five expert tips that you’re about to get extremely helpful in your quest to cash in early and often each season on collegiate gridiron action.

Okay, let’s get started,

Manage That Bankroll

This is a ‘universal’ sports betting tip for every sport you wager on. As a rule of thumb, you should be making wagers that total about 2% percent of your entire betting bankroll.

Remember, when you nail a couple of victories, don’t start thinking you’ll never lose again and increase the size of your wagers, while conversely if you lose a couple of consecutive bets, you don’t want to go throwing big money on bets in an effort to recoup your losses.

Slow and steady wins the race college football bettors!

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All College Football Bettors Should Know Alabama-Crimson-Tide_Tua-Tagovailoa

Play Some ‘Small Ball’

Hey, small ball isn’t just for today’s position-less NBA. In college football betting, my ‘small ball’ term means you need to start looking to smaller schools or matchups featuring smaller programs as much, if not more, than you’re looking at wagering on Alabama’s and Clemson’s of the college football world.

For instance, let’s say you bet on unbeaten Central Florida in all seven of their games this season. Well, you’d probably be pretty happy seeing as how the Knights are currently 5-2 ATS. Hell, had you bet on the Florida Atlantic Owls in 2017, you’d have been jumping for joy following their stupendous 10-4 ATS campaign in 2017. Remember, smaller programs or matchups featuring smaller schools pay just as well as backing a Power Five program.

Bet the Dog At 30 Or More!

If you know anything about college football betting then you know it’s not unusual to see some powerhouse program favored by 30 points or more over their generally far lesser opponents. Well, when you see point spread of 30 points or more, you should know that the underdog covers the chalk approximately a whopping 65 percent of the time!

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All College Football Bettors Should Know Florida-Atlantic-Owls_Daniel-Parr

Keep it Uniform!

One of the best college football betting tips that you can get is to keep all of your wagers at the same amount. This simply means that you don’t want to go make a $50 wager on one game and a $100 wager on another. By keeping your wagers uniform you never have to worry about taking too big of a hit on a losing wager. While it may not seem as though you’re winning big, remember, three successful $50 wagers is better than a $100 win, followed by a pair of $50 losses.

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All College Football Bettors Should Know Clemson-Tigers_Trevor-Lawrence

Nothing Like Some Home Cooking!

While being at home makes a difference in pretty much every sport there is, the fact of the matter is that it weighs more heavily in some sports (like college football)  than others (like NHL hockey). College football stadiums are packed with their rabid fan bases and the players that are on the field (particularly the younger ones) are often playing on the biggest stage they’ve ever seen. If they’re playing in front of a supportive home crowd, well, you can expect a lot of pressure to be off of them while, conversely, many players that are playing in a hostile environment can’t handle the pressure. Besides, home teams win far more than road teams. Heading into week 10 of the 2018 regular season, home teams have won 64.4 percent of the time (372-205). Remember, order up some good old-fashioned home cooking more often than not.

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All College Football Bettors Should Know Michigan-Wolverines_Shea-Patterson