NHL 50% Bonus

With the 2018-19 NHL season still in its infancy, now is a perfect time to offer up some expert NHL betting tips that could help you cash in early and often, not only over the course of this season but for seasons to come.

Whether you like betting on favorites, underdogs or making Over/Under total wagers, you’ll find all of the following NHL betting tips quite useful in your efforts to cash in early and often.

Who’s In Goal

Look, arguably the No. 1 NHL betting tip that you can get is to make sure you know who’s in goal for each team and how each net-minder is playing entering the contest you’re planning on betting on. For instance, let’s say you plan on betting on the Vegas Golden Knights when they host the Los Angeles Kings, but you’re not aware that Marc-Andre Fleury is not in goal for Vegas because they’ve played four games in six nights.

Well, the chances of Vegas beating L.A. have probably dropped significantly, especially if Kings star goalie Jonathan Quick isn’t sitting. The bottom line is that you need to know who’s in goal and who’s not and how they’re playing whenever you’re making an NHL wager.

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All NHL Bettors Should Know Vegas-Golden-Knights_William-Karlsson

Who’s On the Ice – and Who’s Not!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you always need to know which star players are on the ice and which ones are out of the lineup and why. Not only can injuries to star players play a significant role in how their respective teams perform, but their availability will also affect how oddsmakers set the lines for a matchup. Remember, the absence of some star players can affect his team’s play more or less than another stars’ absence.

Let’s say Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby is out of the lineup for the explosive Penguins and Conor McDavid is out of the lineup for the Edmonton Oilers. Well, you had better know that a loaded and veteran-laden Pittsburgh team that has two more elite players in Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel stands a better chance of holding down the fort with Crosby out of the lineup than Edmonton does without McDavid, who is the engine that makes the Oilers go. Know who’s playing and who’s not and how their absences will affect their respective teams.

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All NHL Bettors Should Know Pittsburg-Penguins_Sidney-Crosby

Back As Many Dogs As Possible

One of the best NHL betting tips that you can get is to wager on as many underdogs with a legitimate chance to win as possible. Unlike other sports where the ‘better’ team wins far more often than not, in the NHL, almost anything can happen and even good teams take often inexplicable losses against their underdog opponents. Sure, you could lose a few more wagers by betting on dogs, but you’ll also bring in a bigger return than you would by betting on favorites.

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All NHL Bettors Should Know Los-Angeles-Kings_Ane-Kopitar

Try Live Betting

May online betting enthusiasts may have never tried live, in-game betting, but you definitely need to try it if you’re an NHL betting buff. Live betting is a great way to take advantage of one team dominating another or maybe a goaltender that is letting shots get by hi like they’re going out of style. You need to identify a game or two that you believe will be offering an excellent chance to cash in with some live bets and then pay attention to what’s going on right out of the gate.

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All NHL Bettors Should Know Washington-Capitals_Evgeny-Kuznetsov

Watch Those Parlays

With NHL hockey being wildly unpredictable, avoiding parlay – or limiting them – is a virtual must when it comes to betting on NHL ice action. Just imagine you make a three-team parlay and two of them pan out perfectly – while the third costs you your wager because of an unexpected upset. Limit your parlays and when you identify a few. Make sure the games all have a really high chance of panning out for you just like you expect.

Sports Betting 101: Five Betting Tips All NHL Bettors Should Know Trio