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If you are a bit of a TV and movie buff, why not have some fun this weekend by taking a crack at the potential winners of the Golden Globes, which you can catch on TV this Sunday night, January 6. We are going to take a look at the major categories to see if we can pick some winners, so let’s head down the red carpet and take a look at the nominees for Best Motion Picture Drama.

Bohemian Rhapsody +1800

Biopics tend to be very hit or miss, which was very much the case with Bohemian Rhapsody, the story of Freddie Mercury and Queen. Those in the know agree that some major liberties and truth-stretching took place in the final piece, but what cannot be denied was that fans ate this one up.

The performance by Rami Malek as the mercurial lead singer drew rave reviews, but it will probably not be enough to get this one to the winner’s podium, at least not for the best movie.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Motion Picture Drama Bohemian-Rhapsody

Black Panther +1100

In a world where superhero movies are ten a penny, Black Panther was able to stand out in the crowd. It was able to empower the black community without pandering or making the mistake of delivering stereotypes that might have hurt it.

The end result was a movie that was action-packed, had great characters, and which was beautiful to look at. Definitely deserving of some awards, but not the main one.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Motion Picture Drama Black-Panther

BlacKkKlansman +1000

Controversial director Spike Lee delivered a gritty 1970’s cop drama that was based on a true story, with a lot of industry types believing that this one has some serious Golden Globe and Oscar buzz. The general feeling here, though, is that this movie might end up playing second fiddle to one of the other’s in this category, despite the fact that critics readily agree that BlacKkKlansman is the best movie of the year. This one may be doomed to winning some of the “lesser” awards.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Motion Picture Drama BlacKkKlansman

If Beale Street Could Talk +450

In a time where the empowerment of women is at an all-time high, this movie delivers the goods. It tells the story of a pregnant young woman living in Harlem and going all out to prove that her fiancé is innocent of the crimes he has been charged with. Powerful and incredibly emotional, Beale Street may have come at just the right time to sway voters, but I believe that it too will come up short in this category.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Motion Picture Drama If-Beale-Street-Could-Talk

A Star Is Born -550

Filmmakers always take a chance when they remake a movie that is well-loved and considered to be somewhat untouchable. Comparisons are invariably made with the original, which is what happened with this Bradley Cooper directed flick.

The good news for Cooper and all involved is that the general consensus was that his version was better than the original. It generated some real award season buzz from the early going, and that should carry over and get this movie the win.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Motion Picture Drama A-Star-Is-Born

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