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Unlike the Academy Awards, which focuses solely on the silver screen, the Golden Globes also hand out awards for great work on television. The arrival of original programming from subscription cable networks like HBO, Amazon, AMC, FX, and more has raised the bar in a big way on the small screen, which has led to some hugely talented people making the jump from film to TV.

Picking just 5 nominees from the wealth of great programming now available to the viewing public is no easy task, but the Hollywood Foreign Press appears to have made some wonderful choices for the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards, which will be held in Beverly Hills this coming Sunday night. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 shows that have been nominated for the prestigious Best Television Series – Drama award.

Killing Eve -225

You might not think that a spy show featuring a pair of strong female leads would deliver much in the ways of laughs, but Killing Eve is able to deliver just as many laughs out loud moments as it does scenes of high drama and tension. This show became a big hit right from the off, and since it is based on a series of novels, there is a lot of content that can be mined for future seasons. Lead actress Sandra Oh is also up for a Golden Globe for her work in Killing Eve.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Television Series – Drama Killing-Eve

Homecoming +350

In our opening for this piece, we spoke about the impact made on TV by subscription cable networks, with Homecoming being just one example of that. All told, the show from Amazon Prime has been nominated for 3 Golden Globes, including one for its start, Julia Roberts.

Over the course of a season, the mysteries behind a facility that helps soldiers return to civilian life begin to unfold. There are a lot of twists and turns in this tale, which is part of the reason why it received 3 nominations.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Television Series – Drama Homecoming

Pose +600

Set in New York City in 1987, Pose takes a deep dive into the lifestyles of different parts of society during that era. This is one of those shows that features an ensemble cast, but which delivers the goods in a way that may make it a little tougher for audiences to immediately catch on to. Once you are in the world that Pose paints, though, it’s impossible to escape, as the acting and storytelling are nothing short of amazing. One of the cast, Billy Porter, is also up for a Golden Globe.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Television Series – Drama Pose

The Americans +600

In terms of time on the air, The Americans is the elder statesman in this group, as it has just finished its 6th and final season. As is so very often the case, this is one of those shows that only starts getting award show love when it comes to and end, although the lead stars – Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys – have both been nominated in the past, as they are this year. Can this show finally get an award at its final chance of asking?

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Television Series – Drama The-Americans

Bodyguard +1100

When this show first aired on British TV, it became a huge phenomenon, with a massive number of viewers tuning in each week through the course of the season. Bodyguard tells the story of a former military man, who suffers from anxiety and depression, placed in the role of security guard for a controversial British MP intent on taking over the role of Prime Minister, regardless of who gets hurt along the way. The timing of this show and the subject matter that it tackles may well be what helped make it such a huge hit.

Golden Globe Awards 2019, Best Television Series – Drama Bodyguard

Our Prediction: Killing Eve

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