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This coming Sunday, December 16, we are going to set sports aside for a moment and wager on something a little more glamorous. Bangkok will serve as the host city for the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant, with no less than 94 beautiful women in the running for the crown.

Choosing the winner form that group is incredibly tough, especially when you consider how quickly things can go wrong, with everything from wardrobe malfunctions to poor answers potentially hurting the chances of all the women involved.

History has shown us that certain nations seem to do better than most, which is why the following 5 women are among the favorites.

Miss Philippines +600

Catriona Gray, 24, is the reigning Miss Philippines and one of the taller women in the pageant, coming in at 5’11”. If you have never really paid much attention to the world of beauty pageants, you are probably wondering how any woman becomes the favorite to win. As in any competition, it is what they have done in the past that counts. In the case of Miss Philippines, it may well be here performance at Miss World that has her so high on the list of favorites. She landed in the top 5 at Miss World, proving that she can handle the pressure of such a big pageant. There have been 3 previous winners from the Philippines, with the last being in 2015.

Miss Universe 2018, Top 5 Odds Preview Miss-Philippines

Miss Venezuela +700

History is once again on the side of Miss Venezuela, as this nation has the most wins after Miss USA with 7. Sthefany Gutierrez, 19, is one of the youngest women taking part in the Miss Universe pageant on Saturday night, but she is also one of the most recognizable of the group, as she has a very large following on social media. While that may not come into play with the judges, it does suggest that she is incredibly likable, which is important.

Miss Universe 2018, Top 5 Odds Preview Miss-Venezuela

Miss Puerto Rico +800

It was a bad start to the proceedings for Miss Puerto Rico, as Kiara Ortega, 25, had a spill at the costume presentation earlier this week. She was wearing an incredibly bulky costume, so the feeling here is that her fall will not have a major negative impact, especially since she was able to quickly compose herself and maintain her cool. There have been 5 previous Miss Puerto Rico winners.

Miss Universe 2018, Top 5 Odds Preview Miss-Puerto-Rico

Miss South Africa +800

Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green remains among the predicted favorites to win the Miss Universe crown despite stiff competition from the likes of Miss Philippines Catriona Gray and Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Ortega.

Tamaryn’s journey to Miss Universe began when she was crowned Miss South Africa earlier this year.

Miss Universe 2018, Top 5 Odds Preview Miss-South-Africa

Miss USA +900

If you are looking for a bit of history in terms of wins, then Miss USA should be a good bet for you, as women from the USA have won this crown on 8 previous occasions. It also helps that Sarah Rose Summers, 24, has been competing in, and winning, beauty pageants since the age of 10. She has landed a number of US titles over the years and is a fan favorite because of here work with children, something that won her a lot of acclaim at Miss USA this year.

Miss Universe 2018, Top 5 Odds Preview Miss-USA

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