If you’re putting your March Madness National Championship betting plans together and you’re looking to gather as much expert betting information as possible, then consider your ticket punched! I’ve got some mind-boggling NCAA Tournament betting trends that will either help you win your local office pool, cash in big at your favorite sportsbook – or leave you a complete and utter neurological mess!
Now, let’s get to them.

It’s A Nor’Easter!

Being born and bred on the east coast, I’ve been telling hoops fans and betting buffs for years that basketball is played a lot different – and far more physically – on the east coast than in any other part of the country. I mean, ballers from hard-scrabble, fast-paced and no-nonsense cities like Philadelphia and New York, play the game like their lives literally depend on winning or losing. Apparently, I’m right on the mark too because an insane 18 of the last 19 NCAA Tournament champions have come from the Eastern time zone.

March Madness Betting Trends You Need to Know!

U Can’t Against UConn!

Head coach Kevin Ollie might be getting the ax at Connecticut this offseason if reports are true, but he’s been a part of history at the formerly perennial basketball powerhouse. In the last 10 NCAA Championship games, there have only been two occasions when a No. 1 seed has not been playing for it all. In 2013, Ollie’s seventh-ranked UConn Huskies took out John Calipari’s No. 8 Kentucky Wildcats and in 2011, now retired former Huskies head coach Jim Calhoun led No. 3 UConn to the national championship over current Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens’ No. 8 Butler Bulldogs.

Putting a Muzzle on That Dog!

Underdogs had covered the chalk in three straight national championship games until the favored North Carolina Tar Heels put a muzzle on the upstart underdog Gonzaga Bulldogs a year ago to win it all.

March Madness Betting Trends You Need to Know 2

Keepin’ it 100

While underdogs have won three of the last four national championships, I’ve got to ‘keep it 100’ as the young people say by admitting that favorites have gone 4-3 ATS over the last seven title tilts while dogs and favs have split the Last 10 NCAA title games evenly.

Easy Peasy For No. 11’s

What doesn’t college hoops bettor like a value-packed underdog? If you’re looking for dogs that are offering some real bite behind their barks heading into the 2018 national championship, then you should know that No. 11 seeds have won outright in half of the 28 round-of-64 matchups featuring a No. 6 seed versus a No. 11 seed in the last seven years. Hell, the only year no 11 seed failed to win a game outright was in 2004.

March Madness Betting Trends Never End!

Just Go With It!

When you hear one of the lovable females in your life say something like, “The team in blue is going to win” I’m here to tell you, just go with it! First of all, women are always right – although it took me a 20-plus year of adult-hood to figure that out. And second, 12 of the last 13 NCAA Tournament champions have had a shade of blue among their school colors. Only Louisville (2013) didn’t. Go figure!

March Madness Betting Trends You Need to Know 3

The Baker’s Dozen

It’s not just donut-eating police officers that love a baker’s dozen. Get with the program on #13 seeds if you want to increase your March Madness betting haul! A #13 seed has dispatched a No. 4 seed in seven of the last nine NCAA Tournaments and 19 of the last 26 overall. In addition to that, I guess you should know that #8 seeds have reached the championship game and won it just as often as #4 seeds.


Did you know that #3 seeds have won 49 of 52 matchups against their #14 seed opening round opponents dating back to 2000? Of course, tiny Stephen F. Austin blew this trend out of the water back in 2012 by becoming the first #14 seed since 2000 to win outright when they upset unsuspecting 3-seed West Virginia and now, at least one #14 seed has pulled off an upset over a #3 seed every year.

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