If you’re In the process of forming your betting preparation for the quickly approaching March Madness national championship tournament and you want to know who’s in and where they could be potentially playing, then consider your ticket punched!
Thanks to the expert college hoops knowledge that I’m about to drop, you’re going to have a good idea of where many of the contenders and pretenders to win this year’s national championship will be playing.

Okay, with all of that said, let’s get started.

No 1’s

I like Virginia, Villanova, Xavier, and Kansas to take the top sports in the East, South, Midwest and West regions respectively.

No. 2’s

I’m going with Cincinnati, Michigan State, Duke, and Purdue in the aforementioned regions in order.

No. 3’s

Auburn, Tennessee, Wichita State and Texas Tech are the picks in the East, South, Midwest, and West.

No. 4’s

Michigan, West Virginia, North Carolina and Arizona.

Now, let’s move on to some bubble teams and where they could be playing – if they make the field.

They’re In Like Flynn

Florida State

The Seminoles (20-10) lost two of three to close out the regular season, but split with nationally-ranked Clemson and split with Louisville, not to mention they beat North Carolina and Virginia Tech. The Noles are in as a No. 9 seed in the Midwest for me.


Longtime head coach Jim Boeheim believes his team should be in the field – and I agree, but just barely. The Orange (19-12) closed out the regular season with a win over Clemson, plus they beat Miami Louisville – and the one that gets them in – Virginia Tech. I’m thinking a First Four appearance could be in the works for the Orange.


Baylor (18-13) won five in a row in February and they were a sure-fire lock to get in the NCAA Tournament. Then, the wheels kind of fell off and the Bears lost three of four to close out the regular season. Still, I like Baylor to get in as a No 13 seed in the South Region, seeing as how they beat Kansas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State this season.


So what the Sooners (18-12) lost seven of their final nine games to close out the regular season. The also beat Texas Tech, TCU, Oregon, Wichita State, and Kansas. Plus, they’ve got the electrifying Trae Young (27.5 ppg, 8.9 APG) – and really, who doesn’t want to see him play? For me, the Sooners are in the field as a No. 11 seed out west.

Oklahoma Sooners March Madness

Penn State

The Nittany Lions played Purdue tough twice this season – and they beat nationally-ranked Ohio State twice. For me, that alone says the Nittany Lions are in like Flynn and a No. 14 seed in the West Region.


The Golden eagles get into the field as a No. 14 seed in the Midwest region based on their pair of wins over Creighton, their split with a St. John’s team that beat Duke and Villanova, their five-point loss against the Wildcats and their four-point loss against Xavier.

They’re Out Like Shout!


Louisville (19-12) beat Virginia Tech and Florida State this season, but the Cardinals also closed out the regular season by losing three of four and seven of 10. I say they’re out of the field and in the NIT, although I gotta’ give David Padgett some serious love for the tremendous job he did after taking over for Rick Pitino amidst some serious – and potentially jail-including drama.


Damn, talk about a tale of two halves! Just over a month ago, Alabama (17-14) was sitting pretty at 14-7. Now…the Crimson Tide have dropped five straight heading into the SEC tournament. Alabama got blown out of the water against Auburn and Florida and are in 10th place in the SEC. Sorry, but 10 SEC teams is probably at least three too many!

Alabama Crimson March Madness