The League of Legends offseason officially kicked off this week and teams are already acquiring top talent from all over the world to shape the newly-franchised North American League of Legends Championship Series. With the franchising system, we’re seeing a combination of old and new teams coming into the 2018 Spring Split, some of which are operated by the owners of NBA teams such as the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. Let’s take a look at the 10 teams that make up the NA LCS and come up with some super early predictions to profit from League of Legends Betting.

Team SoloMid

TSM remain the most dominant team in North America with six NA Championship titles under their belt. Coming into 2018, this organization has tackled the issues that plagued them at the 2017 World Championship by quickly replacing Coach Parth with former Rox Tigers, Longzhu, and Immortals coach SSONG. Additionally, TSM has brought in rookie-of-the-year MikeYeung as well as G2’s award-winning bot lane in Zven and Mithy all the way from Europe.

Prediction: TSM will win yet again another NA LCS title.

Golden Guardians

GGs and owned and operated by the majority owners of the Golden State Warriors. Despite being a new team, they’ve acquired some powerful players. Reportedly, their 2018 starting roster features Lourlo in the top lane, Contractz in the jungle, Hai in the mid lane, and Deftly & Matt in the bot lane. The roster seems like a long-term team with two powerful solo laners and a top-performing jungler in the NA LCS but a bot lane that, compared to the other duos in the league, seems underwhelming.

Prediction: GGS will make it into playoffs.


The fan-favorite C9 squad lost Contractz to GGS but is looking to make a splash in 2018 and finally reclaim their glory. Their current roster features Licorice in the top lane, Svenskeren in the jungle, Jensen in the mid lane, and Sneaky & Smoothie in the bot lane. This roster doesn’t inspire me any confidence at all but they’re all capable players that might be able to pull off a major upset if led properly. That being said, there’s not a lot of leadership imbued into these players aside from Jensen perhaps.

Prediction: C9 will make it into playoffs.


FlyQuest rebranded itself with a shiny new logo and roster. However, their starting line-up features Flame in the top lane, AnDa in the jungle, Fly in the mid lane, and WildTurtle & Stunt in the bot lane. Honestly, this looks weak. FlyQuest might be aiming for the long-term here, taking into account that the newly-franchised system protects them from relegation, but even so, I’m not sure what the ceiling might be for these players.

Prediction: FQ will not make it into playoffs.

Echo Fox

In the past, Rick Fox’s eSports team had been known to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a subpar team that has never delivered. This year, they’re looking pretty decent. No top  laner has been announced yet but they’ve reportedly lock in Dardoch in the jungle, Fenix in the mid lane, and Altec & Adrian in the bot lane. There’s a lot fo potential in this roster but it also seems a bit lacking. Depending on who they put in the top lane, this team might have a chance at playoffs. For now, it’s a pass for me.

Prediction: FOX will not make it into playoffs.

Clutch Gaming

CG is another team operated by NBA owners. In this case, CG is led by the owners of the Houston Rockets. Clutch Gaming has come up with some amazing theorycrafting and applied sciences for their players according to their Medium account. Their current roster features top laner Solo, jungler LirA, mid laner Febiven, adc Apollo and support Hakuho. Honestly, CG looks pretty good and given their investment in research and sciences, this team could really take it to the next level despite their underwhelming branding and cliche name. Only time will tell, but they seem strong.

Prediction: CG will make it into playoffs.

100 Thieves

Retired pro gamer Nadeshot opened up 100 Thieves some time ago and although his organization looked to be dead on the water, it surprised everyone when it came into the NA LCS. Where it hasn’t surprised us with its reported roster. So far, they only seem to have locked in Ssumday in the top lane, Meteos in the jungle, and Ryu in the mid lane. Underwhelming by far. I don’t think any bot lane in free agency could make this roster great so it’s another pass for me.

Prediction: 100 will not make it into playoffs.

Team Liquid

TL is yet another team that has been known for poor investments in the past. This time around, they are not spending their money unwisely. The Team Liquid squad which is backed by a myriad of investors across all professional sports leagues, NHL, MLB, etc, has got a powerful roster with an excessive amount of leadership: Impact in the top lane, Xmithie in the jungle, Pobelter in the mid lane, Cody Sun and Doublelift as ADCs and Olleh as support.

Prediction: TL will make it to the finals.

OpTic Gaming

OPT is the TSM of shooters, forever undefeated. Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but both of these teams have dominated the NA region in their respective genres for long. Now, OPT is looking to break through the MOBA doors with a strong team featuring both raw-talent and veteran leadership. Their reported roster includes Zig in the top lane, Akaadian in the jungle, PowerOfEvil in the mid lane, and Arrow & LemonNation in the bot lane.

Prediction: OPT will make it into playoffs.

Counter Logic Gaming

Darshan in the top lane, Reignover in the jungle, Huhi in the mid lane, and Stixxay and Biofrost in the bot lane. This is the CLG lineup that will open up action in 2018. I’m not feeling too great about this roster despite CLG being one of my favorite teams in the NA LCS. There’s some potential for sure but in the end, some of the other rosters seem much better prepared to deal with Spring Split in the long run. Unless Biofrost bounces back and Reignover can lead the team to victory, CLG is also a pass for me.

Prediction: CLG will not make it into playoffs.