Does anyone remember when the Indianapolis colts completely decimated the Chiefs? Neither do we, because it didn’t happen. Kevin Bowen, a writer, came in last year stating that the 2016 season ended badly, citing a 16-point loss to the Chiefs. The 30-14 loss was considered to be their worst game of the season, and definitely not a good way to close that chapter. To put it quite frankly, the Colts are stuck in purgatory. They’re stuck at 8-8 right now for both the 2015 and 2016 seasons, which isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination. This is not to say, of course, that they’re falling into the same rut as the Browns, after all, they are winning more than two games per season, but it also doesn’t mean that they’re going to be playoff material. The team has suffered unprecedented losses under general manger Ryan Grigson, as well as coach Chuck Pagano, so much so that they managed to miss the playoffs. They failed to reach 11 wins, though some of it could be due to the loss of Andrew Luck, their quarterback, who was benched for nine games due to injuries. With Luck back in the game, they may very well be on the way to winning AFC South.

Andrew Luck is a good quarterback, no one can really deny that, and overall, the Colts have had a pretty bad defense. They’ve also had some very bad draft classes, which definitely contributed to their stalemate during the last season. In the offseason, the Colts got rid of Ryan Grigson, their general manager, who made some seemingly terrible draft choices. For example, his drafting of defensive end Bjoern Werner in 2013, and wide receiver Phillip Dorsett in 2015. Everyone makes mistakes, but Grigson made more mistakes than anyone should be allowed to make in a lifetime, and that’s a problem.

Now that they’ve gotten rid of Grigson they’re making better moves, switching to a free agency and signing quality players like John Simon, Jabaal Sheard, Kamar Aiken, Al Woods, Jonathan Hankins, and much more. They’re putting together a high-quality roster, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to pay off for them in the long run. So here’s the question: are they going to make it to the playoffs? Do they have what it takes? Some would definitely say that the Tennessee Titans will be taking that title home, but the Colts have Andrew Luck, and so, they might have a serious chance. Just remember that they have a lot of work to do, and 2016 saw the Colts having one of the worst pass-blocking offensive lines. Still, there’s some hope, and it all starts with their toughest game in week 4.

Indianapolis Colts’s Toughest Game – Week 4: Seattle Seahawks

The problem with this game, according to Richard Janvrin from Bleacher Report, is that Seattle is going to be tough because the opposing team has the hole field advantage. Quite frankly, walking into CenturyLink Field is always going to be a chore, regardless of what team you’re on, who you are, and how many wins you have. This game would be tough, even for the Dallas Cowboys. So, do the Colts really stand a chance against the Judging from the fact that the Seahawks finished 10-5-1 last season, it’s going to be a pretty tough and uphill battle. It remains to be seen, but a victory like this could put them on the map.

Proving it at Week 16 with the Baltimore Ravens

Let’s assume that the Colts are actually able to go into Tennessee and come out victorious against the home team. If they manage to defeat the Titans, then they’ll probably be able to push for the division championship. If not, then it could be completely downhill from here for the Indianapolis Colts. It remains to be seen, but we’re pretty sure that every Colts fan will be waiting with baited breath from the kickoff, to the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

Make it or Break it – Week 6: Tennessee Titans

Richard Janvrin says that the Titans are a solid team as they enter 2017, and he’s right, they finished 9-7 last season, putting them at 2nd in the AFC south. They’re definitely not lightweights. The only problem that the Titans are really facing in 2016 is their wide receiver, which they should be able to address in the draft. With that resolved, the Indianapolis Colts are going to have their hands full. Get the popcorn ready.

The other concern that the Colts should have is the Baltimore Ravens who finished 2nd in the AFC north last year, but are actually on par with the Colts. Unlike the game with the Titans, the game with the Ravens will determine who is better, and it will set the tone for the rest of the season, as well as the season to come.

Victory Against the Browns

We know that Browns fans everywhere are really rooting for a win, but they’re probably not going to find it against the Indianapolis Colts. Yes, the Browns have Myles Garrett now, and it was a great pick, but the Browns are still pretty far off from a serious season, according to Ben Pfeifer of Cover 32. Quite frankly, the Colts should be able to mop the field with them.

The Colts are a bit of a wildcard this year, they’re definitely due for a better season, but will they be able to deliver? It remains to be seen.

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