The Jacksonville Jaguars are not nearly as bad as the Browns, but to say that they underperformed last season would be the understatement of the century, and they’re off to a bad start this season with a loss to the Colts already. Their 3-13 win-loss record last season puts them in a pretty bad light going forward, but this year, things are starting to look up. Take for example that they have put a lot of faith into cornerback A.J. Bouye and Barry Church. All in all, at least on paper, their defensive line is pretty effective, but it remains to be seen how paper is going to work in practice. Offense is also a concern, and that isn’t exactly looking up. They recently lost offensive tackled Kelvin Beachun and guard, Luke Jockel. We’re not saying that either one of them was anything to write home about, but will the Jaguars be improving at all? Probably not. With any luck, Branden Albert will give them a bit of a boost.

Moving on to the skill positions, we have Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Marqise Lee, all of which are outstanding receivers but they’re going to be offset by the tight end group. You also have the running back, which hasn’t been very consistent, but hopes that Leonard Fournette would be drafted in 2017 came true, which gives everyone a bit of hope.

There are going to be some potential issues with Blake Bortles, their quarterback, according to Richard Janvrin of Bleacher Report, but there is always room for error. Bortles might turn out to be exactly what Jacksonville needs.

Jacksonville Jaguars’s Toughest Game: Week 5 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Let’s be honest: no one likes to go up against the Steelers, though last year they were thoroughly thrashed by the Ravens. Are the Jacksonville Jaguars going to be able to do the same thing? Based on their track record up to now, probably not. There is little doubt that there will be some serious friction caused by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and running back Le’Veon. Throw in wide receiver Antonio Brown, and you may have a recipe for disaster, at least for the Jaguar’s side. Do they have a chance of coming out of this with a victory? If we had to place a bet this season, we probably wouldn’t be betting on the Jaguars, unfortunately. Then again, as with any other team, there is still room for them to completely surprise us.

Proving it: Divisional Opponents

Richard Janvrin made a pretty good prediction, that the make it or break it games for the Jaguar’s this season are going to be the divisional opponents, which means weeks 1, 7, 7, 13, 15, and 17. Right now, the AFC South is pretty mediocre, meaning there is always a chance for victory. Now, if the Jaguars can come out victorious against most of their division opponents, then Richard Janvrin’s 6-10 prediction will be completely wrong. We just know they’re reading this, and absolutely making plans to show the world that Janvrin doesn’t know everything.

The Season will be More Productive

Moving on from Janvrin’s expert productions, we explore the statements made by Jon Ciccone from Isportsweb, who firmly believes that the season will be far more productive than ever before. Leonard Fournette is definitely showing promise, perhaps helping to form the most effective offensive line in years. In addition to that, they have offensive tackle, Cam Robinson who was picked up in the NFL draft. All in all, let’s hope that the Jaguars have a better, and more productive season. So far, their draft picks are definitely pointing them in that direction.

Top Four Defense for AFC

Another prediction, also presented by John Ciccone, is that the Jaguars will become a top four defense in the AFC. They probably won’t make top three, but honestly, last year was pretty much and embarrassment, so they have nowhere to go but up. If they don’t manage to place in the top four, then there are going to be some serious problems in the season to come, most of them relating to morale.

Leonard Fournette will Get 15 Touchdowns

Remember how we mentioned Leonard Fournette? We’re not the only ones who have faith in him. Ryan Day, write for Big Cat Country is thoroughly convinced that Fournette will get 15 touchdowns in 2017, rushing more than 100 yards per game. That’s a pretty big assumption to make, so let’s hope it turns out to be true, for the Jaguar’s sake

Whether or not any or all of these predictions turn out to be true, the Jaguars really have nowhere to go but upward at this point. We can only hope that their draft picks are solid, and that Leonard Fournette turns out to be as incredible as we’re all hoping.

How will the Jacksonville Jaguars perform in 2017? The answer is up in the air, but we have a few predictions for you, and the team has nowhere to go but up.

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