With every season of the PGA tour, we see the best tour golfers in the world playing in tournaments at some of the finest courses. Fans of the sport and bettors will be familiar with how quickly the player roster can change, especially when we consider movement from the Web.com Tour. The top 25 golfers from the development tour have now been handed their official PGA tour cards, and it’s now time to take a look at who they are and how they obtained their cards.This is the first part of two, where we will take a look at the names and achievements of all 25 players who were admitted to the tour in August, 2017.

Top Web.Com Tour Golfers:

#25 Roberto Diaz

Roberto Diaz comes from Veracruz, Mexico, and unlike some of the others on this list, he’s been a pro for some time. He first went pro in 2009 and now at the age of 30, he will be welcomed back to the PGA tour, after finishing qualifying through the Web.com Tour feeder tournaments. In the past year Diaz has made two finishes in the top ten, and has made the cut 14 times from 20 starts. The last time that he was a PGA Tour card holder, he made the cut in one tournament from five starts.

#24 Ethan Tracy

Ethan Tracy is another player who is a veteran of the sport, but he has so far been limited in his staying power in the PGA Tour. He made the cut once from four starts, and with his renewed PGA Tour card he will be able to leave the Web.com tour and again have a chance to prove himself at the highest level of golf. Tracy is a native of Columbus Ohio.

#23 Beau Hossler

Beau Hossler is just 22 years of age, and still has a long golfing career ahead of him. In the 2017 Web.com Tour he placed inside the top ten, twice, and was highly consistent in making the cut with a ratio of 10 to 11 starts.

#22 Lanto Griffin

Lanto Griffin will return to the PGA Tour after a successful 2017 Web.com Tour season. He won at the Nashville Golf Open, and placed in the top ten on two occasions. Lanto has limited experience in the PGA Tour when previously qualifying, making two starts but failing to make the cut on both occasions.

#21 Brandon Harkins

From Lafayette, California, Brandon Harkins is a 31-year-old golfer who has made one start in his PGA Tour history. Thanks to his four top ten finishes in the 2017 Web.com Tour, he has now been given a new PGA Tour card and will again attempt to make an impact while playing with the top golfers.

#20 Xinjun Zhang

From Shanxi, China, Xinjun Zhang has two starts on record in the PGA Tour, and made the cut in both outings. Playing primarily in the Web.com Tour for 2017, Zhang had four finishes inside the top ten, and made the cut for half of his 22 starts.

#19 Matt Atkins

Atkins has had a great year in the Web.Com Tour of 2017, recording a win at the El Bosque Mexico Championship, and finishing twice in the top ten throughout the season. From 21 starts he made the cut 12 times, and he’ll be looking to ride his success through to the PGA Tour and start climbing in the rankings.

#18 Aaron Wise

Wise has had a moderate amount of success in the PGA Tour in the past, with a single top ten finish in his short career. At just 21 years of age, he recorded a win at the Air Capital Classic of the 2017 Web.com Tour, and he finished in the top ten for two tournaments, and made the cut for 10 of his 14 starts. With the chance to get back on the PGA Tour he will continue to show that he can deliver on his early career promise, and he’s one of the golfers in this list who could be a star in the making.

#17 Conrad Shindler

Conrad Shindler secured his PGA Tour card by finishing with a win at Rex Hospital Open, and being in the top ten for three tournaments during the 2017 Web.com Tour. In the past season he has made the cut 12 times from 20 of his starts, and he should be able to take experience from what has been a long career, and make a better impression as he tries his hand at the PGA Tour again. His previous PGA Tour record had him make the cut once from starts in two tournaments.

#16 Zecheng Dou

The second Chinese golfer on this list of players to join the PGA Tour, Zecheng “Marty” Dou had a win in the 2017 Web.com Tour at the Digital Ally Open. He also finished in the top ten, twice, and made the cut for half of his 22 starts. He previously played in the PGA Tour with a record of three cuts made from three starts. At 20 years of age there’s not a huge amount of pressure on Marty, but he will be looking to keep his spot in the PGA Tour next season, and start to build on the consistency that he has been showing in the feeder tour series.

#15 Austin Cook

Cook went winless in the Web.com Tour this year, but finished in the top ten for six tournaments, and made the cut 15 times from his 20 starts. His PGA Tour record has been respectable from the ten starts that he has made in the past. He finished twice inside the top ten, and made the cut in seven tournaments.

#14 Ted Potter Jr.

Out of the 25 new PGA Tour card holders recently announced, Ted Potter Jr. is one of only two golfers that have one in the PGA Tour. Potter won at the Greenbrier Classic in 2012, in a playoff against Troy Kelly. He was once ranked 83rd by the OWGR, before suffering a broken ankle in 2014. With two years away from professional golf he returned to the Web.com Tour, where he has managed five top ten finishes, and 12 cuts from 18 starts. With a renewed tour card, he’ll be looking to show the form that he had earlier in his career.

#13 Andrew Yun

Andrew Yun finished this year’s Web.com Tour season with five top tens, and he made the cut from 12 of the 19 tournaments that he entered. Yun has no previous PGA Tour Record, which makes him the only (PGA Tour) rookie out of the golfers on this list.In the next update we’ll be bringing you the next 12 golfers who have been given PGA cards, allowing them to start in the PGA Tour next season.