One of the great things about the World Series, at least from a betting standpoint, is that you get a bunch of games to wager on the MLB Odds. There are going to be at least four opportunities to wager on the usual betting odds, such as the run line, OVER/UNDER, and overall winner of the series.

These are all fun bets, but as is the case with most major sports, the championship games deliver a stunning variety of prop bets to choose from. Prop bet are the ones that focus on individual player performances and include things like most HR in a series, most hits, most strikeouts, etc. These are not wagers that you are going to be a ton of money on, but they are fun to get involved in.

As prop bets go, the ones we have mentioned so far are rather normal when compared to some of the crazier options that land on the board. Let’s take a look at what could potentially be some of the craziest prop bets for the 2017 World Series.

Manager Ejections

Things tend to get a little heated when the World Series is on the line, so it’s no surprise to see managers come flying out of the dug-out to challenge a call. You can wager on which of the two managers will come out first, but perhaps more importantly, you can make the call on which one gets ejected first. The same rules apply with player ejections, so look put for hotheads on each team, as they may be the first to go.

Flipping the Bat

Baseball is a sport that has more unwritten rules than most, with many of those rules being about not showing up the other team. One of the most offensive ways to stick it to a pitcher is to flip the bat after hitting a home run. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, madness usually follows. Do you think there is someone out there who might flip a bat in the World Series, then get a bet on it. My money would be on Yasiel Puig.

Hit by Pitcher

If a batter at the plate does do something that goes against the unwritten rules, you can expect that there will be repercussions, which usually comes in the form of getting beaned by the pitcher. You can wager on which player will be hit first by a pitch, either intentionally or not, and you can also take a stab at predicting how many hitters will be beaned during the course of the World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Fan Consumption

One of the newer prop bets to hit the boards in recent years is not about what happens on that field, but rather what happens in the stands. How many foul balls will be snagged is one way to go, but how about hot dog consumption? Which set of fans will consume the hottest dogs during the course of a series? Yes, that is a prop bet that has been used in the past, and which will more than likely be used again. If Joey Chestnut is attending the games, pick the team he is rooting for.

Fights and Interference

Eating a lot of hot dogs can mean that fans need to get some exercise in, and that may mean that a fight breaks out or they feel the need to get a little more involved in the action. There are prop bets for the World Series that cover both of these bases, with fan interference one that usually gets a lot of play. We hope the stands remain fight free, but I you believe that the tension of the series will result in fists flying, you can place a wager on that, too.

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