With just a few more weeks of MLB left before the playoffs, we’re at that stage of the year where the big stories revolve around the teams that are most likely to make the wildcard slots, and we can even start speculating on the World Series winner. However, this run up to the post season is not just important for teams who are looking to go all the way, but it’s also an interesting time because it offers teams a chance to bring in new players from the minor leagues.Here are 15 rising stars who we think have a real shot of landing full time positions in the National League teams.

MLB Players:

Akeel Morris for the Atlanta Braves

Morris has already shown that he has nothing left to accomplish in the minor leagues, and some might even question how he has gone this long without a full time call up to the Braves. Atlanta still has an option on him and we believe he’s likely to join the squad come September.

Brian Anderson for the Miami Marlins

Third baseman Brian Anderson recently suffered from a concussion, which may have set him back a bit, but he’s still our most likely farm signing for the Miami Marlins. He’s been hitting well in the last stretch of this year and the Marlins need a solid hitter.

Jacob Rhame for the New York Mets

Rhame missed the first round of call ups but he’s still on the radar for the Mets. This right handed pitcher can throw fastballs into the 90s, and he’s around the right age that he needs to be moving into the Majors to start the rest of his career.

J.P. Crawford for the Philadelphia Phillies

A slow start to the year has been turned around for J.P. Crawford. This is a player who was ranked the 6th best prospect in 2016, and he’s been one of the Phillies top prospects since then. After a rough patch he’s now had 7 home runs, 3 triples, and 8 doubles in less than 40 games. That’s an impressive bounce back and signals good things for his future.

Neftali Soto for the Washington Nationals

When he first joined the Major League in 2013, he batted zero for twelve in his 13 games played. Soto went from the Reds to the White Sox through trade, and now he’s in the minors as part of the Nationals’ farming system. He’s not a huge star but he has developed massively in the minors and would be a solid addition to the Nationals while their preferred prospects get more experience in the minors. Expect him to be called up and perform better than in his first stint in the MLB

Dillon Maples for the Chicago Cubs

Right handed pitcher Maples has notched up 97 strikeouts this season, showing that he has overcome his inconsistent phase. He can throw a pitch up into the high 90s, and the Cubs won’t be able to ignore that kind of speed. He’s a strong prospect for a call up this year and we could see him on the regular roster next season.

Nick Senzel for the Cincinnati Reds

Probably the best prospect the Reds currently have, some will be left confused wondering why Senzel hasn’t been called up to the MLB already. The Reds are going through a complete rebuild and 3B Senzel could be an essential part of the team. On base plus slugging is an impressive .896, and he’s hitting .316. He’s definitely ready for the majors.

Mauricio Dubon for the Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have performed better than anyone expected them to in 2017, but they still need to think about their farm players to build future talent and continuity. Jonathan Villar hasn’t impressed with the brewers this year, and Mauricio Dubon could be an excellent solution. If we don’t see him in the team this year, expect him to be signed for next season.

Jordan Luplow for the Pittsburgh Pirates

Maybe he’s not the top prospect, and maybe if he is called up he’ll be a bench player. But, there’s still a good chance that Luplow could end up in Pittsburgh near the end of the regular season, or at least by next season. His OPS of .948 will have impressed the coaches and he should be ready for the highest level of the sport.

Jack Flaherty for the St. Louis Cardinals

A 2.13 ERA and 144 strikeouts from the same amount of innings mean that Flaherty must be on the radar for the management at the Cardinals. He’s a young player so he still has time to develop and improve, but he might receive an early call thanks to injuries throughout the Cardinals’ pitching rotation.

Christian Walker for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Hugely versatile Christian Walker would be a strong addition to the Diamondbacks, and the management surely knows it. He’s competent as first and third basement, as well as on the outfield. Oh, and he can also hit, with 32 home runs and a .988 OPS.

Ryan McMahon for the Colorado Rockies

Who hits .375 with a 1.023 OPS? Ryan McMahon, does in the Pacific Coast League. When it’s time to widen the roster again, we can see McMahon becoming a permanent member of the team. He could be called up as early as September and we see a good future for him in the MLB.

Joc Pederson for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Unlike almost every other player on this list, Pederson has already had extensive experience in the majors. When he was demoted to the minors it would have come as a surprise to many. The Dodgers needed the space in their squad, but we’re now expecting him back before the end of the year. The Dodgers are well known for giving more chances to players who still have something to prove, and Pederson is definitely one of those players.

Hunter Renfroe for the San Diego Padres

Think of the Padres and you have to think of a rebuild. If not for the Giants performing so poorly, the Padres would be the worst in the NL West. Renfroe has already had a taste of the Major League, before being demoted back to the minors. He still has much to learn and prove but he’s definitely a necessary part of the team’s rebuilt roster.

Chris Shaw for the San Francisco Giants

The Giants aren’t having a good year and at this stage they essentially have nothing to lose. Chris Shaw is their best prospect from the farm system at this time, and he’s had 22 home runs between AA and AAA in the minor leagues. There’s injury in the Giants’ squad so there’s definitely room for him, and we could see him on the roster sooner rather than later.

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