At this stage of the season, teams need to be getting the best rotation together so that they can get through to the playoffs, and hopefully without any injuries. Unfortunately, as any baseball fan will know, injuries can never be completely avoided, and sometimes injuries in the sport can come down entirely to luck. Even as players are recovering and entering a rehab stint to get through injuries, there can be further setbacks, as we’ve seen most recently with David Wright of the New York Mets.Wright’s situation has gone from bad to worse in his recent years in the MLB, with him missing a lot of playtime and suffering through multiple injuries. Now there are hints that he could be about to take a step back from the sport, and here’s everything we’ve been able to learn from team sources and quotes.

Is David Wright Ready to Retire? Another Setback for the Third Baseman

This week was supposed to be a positive step for David Wright, as he began a new rehab assignment that would hopefully see him back on the path to being a regular member of the team. Anyone who was expecting to see Wright playing towards the end of this season, or even in the playoffs, will be disappointed to learn that he has terminated his rehab assignment after just two appearances. News has emerged that Wright is still experiencing shoulder pain, and will require further examination before he continues with any rehab program. There has been some speculation that Wright would retire, even though he currently has a $47 million contract for another three years with the Mets. Despite being seen as one of the team’s most important assets, he has barely made appearances in the last two and a half years, because of a slew of injuries suffered in the sport. In addition to the shoulder issues that are still plaguing him now, he has a form of spinal stenosis (abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal), and he also had surgery last year to address problems related to a herniated disc in his neck. It seems that no matter how eager the Mets captain is to return to the field, there’s always an injury related problem that comes up. To miss so much baseball over a relatively short period, at what should be the peak of his career, would be disappointing to say the very least. Jose Reyes, shortstop for the New York Mets and a close friend of Wright, spoke recently to the media about his disappointment that he won’t be playing with Wright any time soon. He told reporters; “When I signed here, I was very excited about that … at least we [could] start at least one game together, you know him at third base and me at shortstop, at this point it’s been kind of hard for that to happen. I wish all the best for him. Whatever decision he needs to make; I am going to be behind him 100%. If he wants to continue playing I am going to be here supporting him, whatever he decides to do.”This quote is a very clear hint that Reyes knows something that nobody else does, and it’s the kind of talk that you hear before a player is going to announce their retirement. With the frustration that Wright has been through in recent years, it would be understandable for many if he decided to walk away from the sport. Reyes at least said that if Wright does continue, then he will have the support of the team. He said that “At the same time he [Wright] needs to think about his future and do you want to continue to try and try. We [the team] are behind him, because he is still young, but you have to be very strong in your mind to continue to have a lot of setbacks and you are still hungry to come back and play baseball.”This could easily be interpreted as Reyes setting fans up for a soft landing if Wright does decide to make a shock exit from the sport. Mets Manager Terry Collins also spoke about the situation recently, and while his words weren’t overly optimistic, he mentioned nothing about retirement for Wright. When interviewed, Collins said that “It’s tough for him [Wright]. Everybody in this room knows him and knows he put every bit of an effort into it to make it work. I haven’t talked to him, I talked to him before yesterday. He decided he couldn’t play yesterday. You just salute the fact that he gave it his best shot. Now, we’ll see what the doctor has to say now and I am sure David will make the decision that is in his best interest along with the ball club.”

What Has Wright Said About His Future?

Despite some concerning words from Reyes and Collins, Wright has not made any mention of retirement and has advised that he will make any decisions about his future only after he has been fully examined. Sources of the New York Post claimed that Wright is not yet considering retirement, and his own words leave his future wide open. In a statement he told his fans that “I continued to have shoulder pain. I decided to go to the doctor and get it checked out. I will make any decisions going forward after my appointment.”Even for his age, Wright should still have a lot to offer to the sport. He is well liked and respected in his team, and nobody in the sports world will forget the fact that he has been a seven-time MLB All-Star in his career of over 13 years. He’s also the winner of two Gold Gloves, making him one of the modern day superstars of baseball.For all the news and speculation that is out there at the moment, the only known fact is that Wright is suffering from an injury that will require further examination. In terms of retirement, there’s a very real possibility if he gets bad news after a full medical, however, if it’s something that can be rehabilitated then it’s more likely that Wright will simply write off his 2017 season, and come back rested and ready to commit himself again at training camp in 2018. As is evident from all his most recent injuries and setbacks, he’s not the type of player to give up when there’s still a chance that he can play at the highest level.

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