The MLB Playoffs are in full swing, and it won’t be long before we’re looking at the two top teams in the World Series. Before we get to the end of the season, there’s still going to be plenty of opportunities to engage in some baseball betting, and every team in the playoffs can be a potential winning pick depending on how to take them.

The Wild Card teams have been given the opportunity to make up for not winning their divisions during the season, and it’s possible that any of them could cause an upset for the more consistent teams of 2017. Here are our post season power rankings for the four Wild Card teams going into the knockout stages.

Minnesota Twins – 10th Overall – American League Wild Card

The Twins have made it through to the post season with an 85 – 77 record, and are the second Wild Card team in the American League. Although they’re right at the bottom of our post season rankings, there are some positives that the team will take into their opening game.

The team showed that they have persistence, by securing an AL Wild Card slot in what was one of the tougher divisions. They have one of the best pitchers in the sport with Ervin Santana, and have other options for their rotation, including Nat Belisle and Taylor Rogers. On the offense they have heavy sluggers like Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer, and Miguel Sano.

2017 MLB Minnesota Twins Wild Card

The biggest challenge for the Twins is that they don’t have the same level of depth as other teams. A few above-average star players might not be enough to succeed in the playoffs, but during this time of the year, anything is a possibility.

Colorado Rockies – 9th Overall – National League Wild Card

The Rockies have had a strong winning season, with an 87 – 75 record. The problem for this team is that they haven’t remained consistent throughout every stage of the season, which was evident with their 15 – 15 run for the last 30 games of the season. However, like any other team in the playoffs, they could potentially cause an upset and move through, possibly even all the way to the World Series.

The Colorado Rockies haven’t been in the playoffs since 2009, so this is a good opportunity for them that has been a long time coming. Pitcher Jon Gray will be valuable in the post season. His ERA of 3.67 at the end of the regular season is a good indicator of his performance, and he has been particularly strong for the last stretch of the regular games.

The team also have options like German Marquez, Greg Holland, and Kyle Freeland, all who are world class pitchers who could be strong in the post season. The team also has one of the best offenses in the MLB, which will be a threat to the Diamondbacks as the NL Wild Card playoff begins. Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon are their best hitters, and are both amongst the best offensive players in the sport.

New York Yankees – 8th Overall – American League Wild Card

The Yankees lost the race to their division championship, with the Boston Red Sox taking all the glory. Now they’ll have a chance to prove themselves in the post season, and things could go well for this team if they run the right rotation, play their aces, and avoid injuries. Luis Severino has emerged as one of the team’s best pitchers this season, and he should be able to have a huge impact in the Post Season.

He leads the team in most pitching stats, with Dellin Betances, CC Sabathia, and Aroldis Chapman providing some healthy competition. Severino’s biggest challenge will be consistency. He has had flashes of greatness throughout the season, but has hit slumps too. The post season creates a different kind of pressure for a pitcher, but with support around him, he should be able to impress fans and disrupt opposing batters.

Big hitters like Aaron Judge, will bring value to the offense, and Judge appears to be well and truly over his slump. The Yankees need to win their first game and then maintain pressure, and they’ll have a shot at progressing through the post season.

Arizona Diamondbacks – 7th Overall – National League Wild Card

The Diamondbacks were the first Wild Card team from the National League, and they enter the post season on the back of a 93 – 69 regular season. Their season record is impressive, considering that it’s slightly better than that of the Chicago Cubs (92 – 70), the team that won the National League Central division. The Diamondbacks have come back in a big way this season. They lost 93 games last season, and completely turned that around.

2017 MLB Arizona Diamondbacks Wild Card

Now that they’re looking at the chance of going all the way to the World Series, they’ll need to bring their best for every game that they play in the post season. The team has a dangerous offense, with power players like J.D. Martinez and Paul Goldschmidt. Defense wins World Series titles, but the offense needs to get points on the scoreboard, and the Diamondbacks will have no trouble doing that.The biggest chance for this team to progress will be ensuring that their pitching rotation is able to put in the strong performances that we’ve seen throughout the season.

There’s a lot of depth in their roster, and that is going to be advantageous over the coming weeks. Robbie Ray, Taijuan Walker, Patrick Corbin, and Zack Godley, are all pitchers with respectable ERA stats that could make a huge difference in the playoffs.

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