People have talked about the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor fight like it was a collision of two sporting worlds. But in terms of two completely different sports and players coming together, the entry of Steph Curry into a PGA tour game is much more noteworthy.The multiple NBA MVP Steph Curry has already teed off at the amateur level, and now he’s entering a pro tournament with his appearance in the Ellie Mae Classic. By the time this goes to press, the event will be all but over, and there’s virtually no chance of Steph being able to compete with the top golfers in the tournament. In fact, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook starting the odds at 3000 – 1 for Steph to win the tournament. Corey Conners, a Canadian golfer who is only in the early years of his career, is the next least likely to win, with odds of 80 – 1.These odds are not a poor reflection on Curry, but are rather just the reality of the situation. Curry doesn’t have the experience to compete (yet) on a professional level, and a pro tour game is going to be very different to what he’s used to, no matter how much of a huge golf enthusiast he is.

Steph Curry Talks About What He’s Expecting When Playing the Pros

Steph has spoken extensively to ESPN ahead of his upcoming tournament, leaving us with some insights into what he’s thinking and feeling ahead of the event, and how he feels about golf in general. He told Michael Collins that “Golf has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. Not in a million years did I think I’d be on this range with these professional golfers, trying to keep up with them. But I got an amazing opportunity this week, so we’ll see what happens.” So how did Curry even make it into a professional golf game? It all came about because of a sponsor’s exemption. His best place finish in a Pro-Am so far has been 4th, which will be encouraging for someone who hasn’t played competitive golf, and has instead focused on a basketball career. The chances of repeating anything near that 4th place finish in a pro tournament are slim, and most aren’t even expecting him to make the cut after the second round. Steph knows this and he’s out there to have fun, learn, and get a feel for what it’s like to compete at this level. In the future, he may even be interested in starting a professional career, depending on what happens in basketball. Again, when talking to ESPN, he said that winning wasn’t even a consideration at this point. He told the network; “I’m staying realistic. First goal is just to get off the first tee.” He continued, “If I can do that, I’ll be off and running” There has been a small amount of controversy surrounding the decision to allow Steph to even play in a professional tournament. Some are not happy about the decision, saying that it takes away one of the available slots that would otherwise be used by a struggling professional golfer. Steph is well aware of the opportunity he has been given, and he is respectful of the fact that this is an opportunity that most people would never receive. In the same interview he commented that “These guys dedicate their life to the game and are grinding every week to make it to the PGA Tour, so I understand how hard it is out here. Myself as a casual professional golfer in my head, not in real life, I just want to have fun, make some birdies. The cut would be – if I can just give myself a chance, like go into Friday with a realistic chance to make it — that would be amazing. I want to know what that adrenaline rush is like, because for me, that would be like winning the tourney.”Curry also took the time to mention what an experience it was to get out with the professionals for the practice round. Surveying the course, planning, analyzing scenarios, and hitting putts, put everything into perspective regarding how much players need to prepare for every event. The professional basketball player said that he had “new respect for that part of the process.”

Regarding a Career in the Sport…

In an interview earlier this year with David Feherty on the Golf Channel, Steph Curry touched on his future in gold. When asked whether he would be interested in a golf career, he said that he had “thought about it.” He continued to elaborate, saying that “I’m very sensitive to the experience of the PGA Tour guys out there who have dedicated their life to what they do, just like I have with basketball. I don’t think I could, obviously, just jump out there. It’d be a lot of work that would go into it.” Steph Curry did admit that he was a long way away from making a move into golf. Early in 2017 he said that he’s in his prime, and that he’s likely at least ten years away from considering golf seriously. Whatever his plans for the future are, it would be an unprecedented move to make such a massive career switch. Steph Curry definitely has the competitive spirit and passion for golf, and he even has some skills at an amateur level. A late career move into golf is as likely as Stephen suddenly becoming the worst three-point shooter in the NBA. While a professional career might not be on the cards right now, it will still be interesting to see how Curry’s passion for golf continues to develop in the future.