We are now deep enough into the current NBA season to be able to identify the teams that might be able to upset the apple cart a little in each of the conferences. We have become accustomed to seeing the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers blow through teams on their way to the NBA Finals, but neither of those two teams is having it all their way this season. NBA Betting Predictions are on!

That is good news for the average basketball fan that doesn’t have a dog in the fight, and it’s also good news for bettors looking for good games outside of those top two teams. We have taken a look at the upcoming NBA calendar for this week and identified a few games you might want to consider wagering on. Let’s get to them.

Minnesota Timberwolves at Charlotte Hornets – Monday

Minnesota has very quietly slid into third spot in the Western Conference with a 10-6 record this season, and they have what looks like a manageable game on Monday night on the road to the Charlotte Hornets. Looks can be a little deceiving, though, as while the Hornets are struggling in the East, they are doing so because of a woeful 1-7 road record. They are a much better team at home, going 5-2 in the early part of the season, so this may not be the easy game that fans are expecting. Keep an eye on the upset here.

Chicago Bulls at LA Lakers – Tuesday

You have a couple of options on Tuesday night in the NBA: you can take a wagering night off, or you can choose to focus on the lone game on the calendar. I would go for the latter option, as I always like the opportunity to make a little extra money. Both of these teams are struggling to begin the year, but with this one, you need to look at the Bulls woeful 1-7 road record. The Lakers have not been great, but they are at least batting .500 at home.

Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets – Wednesday

It’s a little strange not to see the Golden State Warriors sitting at the top of the Western Conference, but the big question now is whether or not the Houston Rockets can continue their hot start and maintain their lead at the top. Oddly enough, the Rockets have not been a great bet at home, where they are just a game above .500 as opposed to being 9-1 on the road. They will host the Denver Nuggets, who are currently in 5th, and who is the opposite of the Rockets in that the majority of their best games have been at home. Something has got to give in this one.

Toronto Raptors at Indiana Pacers – Friday

The NBA will be taking some time off for Thanksgiving on Thursday, which is why our next game comes on Friday night. There is plenty of football action to keep you occupied while you eat your turkey dinner on Thursday, no problem for bettors there. The game that I like on Friday night sees the high-flying Toronto Raptors and their 11-5 record go on the road to face an Indiana Pacers team sitting a game above .500. The battle for playoff spots in the Eastern Conference looks as though it is going to be a good one, and the Pacers need to keep winning at home, where they are currently 4-3.

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