If you’re an NFL betting aficionado that is looking to cash in on the quickly approaching Super Bowl LII matchup between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles and you’re looking for reasons why you should back the high-flying Birds to pull off the huge upset over the defending champion Patriots, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve got seven outstanding reasons on why the Eagles can pull off the upset over Tom Brady, be an excellent alternative for Super Bowl LII Betting Pick and defeat the perennially-powerful Patriots to complete their postseason three-peat!

The D-Backs Are Playing Well!

Veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins is about as elite as they come and veteran cornerback Ronald Darby is outstanding as well.  Left cornerback, Jalen Mills has been a revelation in his second season out of LSU and veteran free safety Rodney McLeod has been rock-solid for the Eagles all season long. If they can contain New England’s offense which finished first overall and in a virtual tie for second place in scoring, they’ll give themselves a good chance to pull off the upset. The good news is that no one on New England roster is known for their blazing speed!

The Outside Linebackers

Outside linebackers Nigel Bradham and Mychal Kendricks are both very good, if underrated, players. Both are fairly young and have above average speed. I genuinely believe they can contain both, New England tight end Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots’ stable of pass-catching running backs.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles are a sure Super Bowl LII Bet

The Front Four

If there’s one thing every football fan and betting enthusiasts should know is that the way to beat Brady and the Pats is to start with good pressure from the front four!  If you remember correctly, in their two losses against the New York Giants, the G-Men put on a relentless pass rush that ultimately made the difference. I’m just going to come out and say it. I see Philly’s front four of Vinny Curry, Timmy Jernigan, Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham will put all kinds of pressure on Brady in Super Bowl LII.

“You’ve got to play 60 minutes against them,” Cox said. “You can’t play just play three quarters. .,.What makes him so unique is he gets rid of the ball fast. He’s not going to take a lot of hits. He knows where he’s going when the ball is snapped. As I say every week, it’s going to come down to front four guys getting after the quarterback, making him uncomfortable in the pocket.”

Nick at Night!

While there’s clearly, a ‘bad’ Nick Foles that can go 2-1 while completing just 56.4 percent of his passes for just 537 yards like he did in Philadelphia’s final three regular-season games, there’s also a ‘good’ Foles that can go 2-0 while completing an insane 77.8 percent of his passes for 598 yards with three TDs and no picks like he’s done in both of Philly’s two playoff games. The Eagles will clearly need the ‘good’ Foles to show up for Super Bowl LII and if he does, that could spell lights out for New England.

Jay Ajayi

How the Eagles managed to steal Ajayi from Miami for a fourth round after he made the Pro Bowl in his second season a year ago is beyond me, but I believe he could prove to be a pivotal player in Super Bowl 52 simply because he’s that talented. While he hasn’t had what could be described as a breakout game for Philly just yet, New England needs to be aware of his presence at all times and that simply makes Foles and the passing attack that more dangerous.

Jay Ajayi Eagles Super Bowl LII

Doug Pederson

While insane former NFL GM Mike Lombardi blasted Philly head coach Doug Pederson with an insane comment about him being  “less qualified to coach a team than anyone I’ve ever seen in my 30-plus years in the NFL,” the fact of the matter is that Doug Pederson has proven to be a very good coach in his two years leading the Eagles. For me, It’s not his 2012 career mark leading the Eagles, but his ability to play to his strengths. Look no further than how he’s tailored Philadelphia’s offense around the limited abilities of Nick Foles since the playoffs began while understanding that his team couldn’t win by playing the same style of football they did under the supremely gifted Carson Wentz. If Pederson’s game-day decision-making was ever in doubt, it shouldn’t be anymore if you ask me and it could be one of the reasons Philly upsets New England in Super Bowl LII.

The Underdog Chip and Mr. Mo Mentum

The Eagles have been 3-point home underdogs in both of their playoff games this postseason and they’re clearly relishing that role right now and using it as motivating fuel. If the Eagles can use that’ us against the world’ mentality to their benefit one more time, then we could see a huge upset people! Call it what you like, but feisty Philadelphians (I’m one of them) know all about overcoming all odds to come out on top – or maybe you haven’t seen Rocky!