The Philadelphia Eagles are currently ranked one of the most powerful teams overall in NFL betting and Week 5 has given us another reason to have confidence in this team. When they came up against the Arizona Cardinals, they limited the opposition to just seven points scored in only the second quarter, and eventually won the game 34 – 7, with momentum building all the way until the end.The Eagles are the real deal in 2017, and it seems likely that they’re on a path to win the NFC East. Let’s take a look at what is making them so successful, and see how they compare to the other teams in their division.

Some Things to Work On While Still Dominant

The Eagles aren’t the ‘perfect’ team yet, and while they look strong for the NFC East, they still have some proving to do if they’re going to be considered as serious Super Bowl contenders. The defense in particular could do with some improvement, particularly when it comes to defending against the passing game of the opposition. However, it’s hard to fault them overall. They were dominant against the Arizona Cardinals in their most recent game, and that should provide them plenty of confidence for their next few appearances.

A lot of their improvement for the Eagles has come from the quarterback position, as well as in a strong running game. The offence is balanced on the ground attack, and that can be extremely disruptive for other teams, particularly as a number of coaches have focused on the pass game this year. The offense is highly physical, boosted by players like LeGarrette Blount. Carson Wentz has been phenomenal this season. He has received high praise from a number of NFL analysts, including the team at Fox Sports.

In Fox’s coverage of the future stars of the NFL, the network said that “Of all the young quarterbacks, Wentz has been the one, to me, that looks the most like Andrew Luck. He’s got great feet. He’s got great size. He’s Nimble. Now he’s in year two with Doug Pederson.” In the game against the Cardinals, Wentz made over 300 passing yards and four touchdowns.

This is his sophomore season and not many of the analysts saw this coming. The rushing attack is definitely helping him out, and the receivers are also doing everything right. Out of all of the teams in the NFL, the Eagles have been one of the most impressive this year. Bleacher Report has so far ranked the team with an A- rating for the season, putting them above some of the traditionally dominant teams.

Philly Eagles

The Stats Tell an Impressive Story

In the NFC East, the Eagles are absolutely dominant. They’ve scored 137 points this season, more than any other team in the division, and equal to the the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North. However, unlike the Packers, the Eagles haven’t conceded too many points, with just 99 after Week 5. This gives them a Net Points statistic of 38, which is the highest of any team in the National Football Conference. Their record so far is also impressive, having 4 – 1 – 0 for the season after Week 5. This record makes them even with the Green Bay Packers and the Carolina Panthers.

The only place where the eagles fall behind the other division leaders, is on touchdowns. They have 14 after Week 5, compared to 18 for the Green Bay Packers. This is not necessarily a negative for the Eagles. It just means that they create different kinds of opportunities when on the field. The real story is in the points that they’ve been able to score without leading on touchdowns.

The team has been strong at home, winning both of their home games, and they’ve only lost one game on the road. They’ve not yet lost within the NFC East, and are 1 – 1 for games outside of the conference. At the start of Week 6, they’re on a three game winning streak, which is tied with the Green Bay Packers. Both of these teams have the strongest winning streak in the NFC at this time.

 Philly Eagles

The NFC East Looks Secure for Now

Looking at the Washington Redskins, the Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Giants, none of them look like they can challenge the Eagles in the NFC East. The Cowboys, a team that is heavy on the offense and capable of scoring touchdown after touchdown, have lost three games this season. They haven’t lost any of their offensive power, but their defense is letting them down. Their Net Points of -7 leaves them 3rd in the NFC East after Week 5. The Redskins currently have a better record than the Cowboys, but they’re a low scoring team that hasn’t been hugely impressive, with a 2 – 2 – 0 record and just 91 points scored.

Even more worrying for the Redskins is the fact that they’ve conceded 89 points, leaving them with Net Points of just 2.Considering all of this, how could the Eagles not be the favorite for the NFC East at this time? It’s still relatively early in the season, but every team has played enough football now that we can start to form an opinion on what their future performance might be like. The Eagles have the kind of momentum that they need, and their key players have been impressive so far.

The Redskins are nowhere compared to the Eagles; despite being ranked second in the NFC East. The Cowboys could become threatening, but we’d need to see a tightening of their defense to go along with the strong points game that they clearly have. For now, the Eagles should continue to dominate the East, and they’re even looking good for a Conference Championship if they can keep doing what they’ve been doing in 2017.

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