With the regular season just about to start, last minute trades and signings can be a real possibility. Sometimes the player movements at this time of the year can completely change the dynamic of a team, and it’s not always a good thing. News has recently emerged that the Jets have traded away one of their essential players, leaving some of the squad furious at the decision. Here’s the latest surprise trade news for the Jets, and an important contract signing that any NFL fan or bettor would want to know about.

Jets Aren’t Happy About Sheldon Richardson Surprise Trade for Jermaine Kearse

ESPN broke a story late this week, announcing the surprise trade of Sheldon Richardson of the Jets, for Jermaine Kearse of the Seattle Seahawks. New York Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan spoke about his controversial decision this week, saying that “we have some good young defensive linemen. Sheldon was a part of that. But, in return, it allowed us to sort of entertain options there. Sometimes teams that have needs and surpluses find fits that work well for potential trades.”An anonymous source inside the team told the New York Daily News that “You don’t let the most talented guys leave. Especially at that position. You try and find a way to make it work.” The same article was particularly scathing when reporting the news, as were a number of outlets. Jets reporter, Manish Mehta went as far as claiming that the Jets are “allergic to good football players.” If we look closely at the situation, it does seem like a strange move for the Jets, but there’s actually more to it, and with further analysis it seems that Mike Maccagnan might be thinking further into the future. Although it appears to be a straight trade with Sheldon Richardson going to the Seahawks and Jermaine Kearse coming to the Jets, there’s also a second-round draft pick as part of the deal. This could prove essential in 2018, even if they do take something of a hit now. Even though a number of publications have been negative regarding the trade, there could be a number of benefits, which depends entirely on perspective. Not many Jets fans will be excited about gaining Jermaine Kearse, but he could provide significant benefits, even if it is just in a leadership role. Jets number one wide receiver Quincy Enunwa is has recently had successful surgery on his neck, and is now on the injured reserve list. He’s eager to get back to the sport, but could be out of the game for the whole year, depending on how his recovery goes. Enunwa had a breakout year for the 2016 – 2017 season, and this year would have been important for him building his stock value as he moved towards a career as a free agent. Now he’ll miss most of the year and that is not just bad news for him, but it leaves the Jets without their most talented wide receiver. Maccagnan likely had this in mind when he made the trade for Jermaine Kearse. The trade could mean that Kearse now takes on the role of a mentor to help develop the other receivers in the team, particularly D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold.Let’s also not forget the fact that Sheldon Richardson can be a disruptive presence in the team, no matter how good he turned out to be in the last season. Just last month, Richardson used an interview to call teammate Brandon Marshall a “drama queen” and said that he “quit on this team [NY Jets] well before the season was over.”While Sheldon’s tendency to air the team’s laundry in the media probably wasn’t a major deciding factor in trading him to the Seahawks, it would have at least been on Maccagnan’s mind when he signed off on the trade.We only see this story working out well for the Jets. Despite a lot of backlash coming from fans and some in the media, the fact is that the Jets can live without Sheldon, and Kearse could be the best thing for some of the younger receivers on the team.

DeAndre Hopkins Signed the Largest Contract for a Wide Receiver in the NFL

If you’ve been concerned about the future of DeAndre Hopkins, or even if you’ve been trying to predict the capability of the offense for the Houston Texans in 2017, then it will be reassuring to learn that Hopkins has signed for an $81 million extension that will keep him with the Texans for at least the next five years. Hopkins’ statistics in the NFL are impressive. He was only the 27th pick in the 2013 draft, but he has gone on to continually improve his game, to the point where he is now one of the most talented receivers in the sport. His career record of 4487 receiving yards, and 23 receiving touchdowns, make him one of the most valuable players in Houston. The value of the contract is a reflection of just how much faith the team has in Hopkins, and it illustrates how they perceive him to be an integral part of their long term development. The value of the contract places DeAndre above Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers in terms of total contract value.Unexpected trades and signings can happen at any time during an NFL season, and we’ll bring the latest updates whenever they will have a strong impact on a team and their odds of succeeding in the upcoming games.

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