Super Bowl LII is now officially in the books and it was one for the ages. Despite playing with a backup QB and going against a Patriots team that has been the best in the business for 15-plus years, the Eagles sprung the upset in a 41-33 thriller. While the city of Philadelphia celebrates and Boston licks their wounds, the rest of us get to reflect on a great game and look ahead to the next season. Yes, it’s altogether too early to start thinking about Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, but that is exactly what we are going to do. The bookies have already picked their prohibitive favorites for next season, but will any of the team that they have at the top actually end up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy? Let’s take a closer look.

Super Bowl LIII Favorites

While the Eagles will have bragging rights for the coming year, the Super Bowl champions will not head into next season as the favorite to win it all. That distinction once again goes to the New England Patriots, and it really is tough to argue against them. After all, this is a team coming off a 13-3 regular season and another trip to the championship game. Until Brady begins to show his age, the Patriots will likely remain on top of the Super Bowl betting board.

The Philadelphia Eagles are next on that board, and you have to say that it’s tough to bet against a team that won it all with their franchise QB injured on the sidelines. This team is more than just Carson Wentz, which is why they are going to be the one to beat in the NFC. If anyone can take them down, it may well be the Green Bay Packers, who are in as the third favorite. The Packers have been hammered by injuries in each of the last two seasons but will hopefully have a healthy Aaron Rodgers set to go next season.

Steelers Super Bowl LIII Odds, Overview & Predictions

The Pittsburgh Steelers and their awesome offense are once again one of the favorites, although their fortunes may turn based on whether or not they can ink RB LeVeon Bell to a long-term deal. If he is in, the Steelers might win. Another challenger on the NFC side is sure to be the Minnesota Vikings. Great defense always carries you far, but they will need to decide which QB is going to be their top man.

Super Bowl LIII Predictions

Let me just start this section by saying that what comes out of my mouth here is likely to change in the coming months once the draft and free agency gets rolling. Let’s get started by looking at the AFC and what might happen there. While the Patriots are the favorites, the time is going to come when Tom Brady starts to slide. He will be 41 years of age when the new season starts, which is a bit of a concern, even though he was fantastic this season. I think it will be the Steelers and their new offensive coordinator who will shine next season. As far as the NFC goes, Atlanta may be primed to make a run knowing that they would have a home Super Bowl appearance. They have too many good teams to get past, though and will fall to the Packers if the Cheeseheads can say healthy.

Prediction: Steelers win their 7th ring in 2019.