The San Francisco 49ers suffered a poor 5 – 11 record season in 2015, and 2016 was seen as a year to improve. Unfortunately, under new coach Chip Kelly, the team were unable to come back, and dropped even further with a 2 – 14 record in 2016. Head Coach Kelly was let go at the end of the season, along with GM Tren Baalke. With what turned out to be the worst home record in franchise history, the team will be hoping for better results in 2017. Kyle Shanahan is on the payroll as the new head coach, and the team hopes to make the playoffs this year. If they do, it will be the first time since 2013. Do the experts see an improvement for the team, or are we in for another disappointing season for San Francisco?

Bleacher Report Prediction with Analyst Richard Janvrin

Taking a look at the prediction from the first analyst in our list, things might not be looking great for the 49ers this year. Bleacher Report has released an early projection for the team with 3 – 13 for 2017.

Shanahan is definitely a talented coach and he’s had a significant amount of success with every team that he’s worked with. It could be argued the results couldn’t get any worse than they have been for the past two years, but it will take some time before the positive impact of Shanahan can be felt. Matt Barkley and Brian Hoyer could be strong additions to the team, and free agent Pierre Garcon could also be a key player. Even so, the team have a challenging schedule and games against the Cowboys and the Giants are not likely to go in favor of the 49ers. Expect more pain as the team starts a rebuilding phase that is likely to take a few seasons under Shanahan.

ESPN Prediction for the 49ers in 2017 with Nick Wagoner

ESPN has released their predictions for the upcoming season, and they’re definitely much more positive than what we’ve seen over at Bleacher Report. Nick Wagoner is calling a 6 – 10 record for the year.

The rebuilding phase under John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan will take time, but we may already see a positive impact this year. Six wins are a possibility, with Wagoner seeing the schedule as being more favorable than the previous year. The first two games are likely to be losses against the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks, but a Week 3 game against the Los Angeles rams will be an early opportunity for a win. The 49ers beat the Rams twice last year (their only wins). Other victories could come against the Cardinals, the Bears, and the Titans later in the season, and a final win against the Rams again in Week 17.

Doc’s Sports Prediction for the 49ers Record in 2017

Doc’s Sports doesn’t have the same confidence as the ESPN prediction, and analyst Chris Vasile is leaning towards the under on 4 – 12.

Vasile is worried about the offensive game, even with the 49ers doing well in the draft with a number of defensive acquisition. Last year, the 49ers only managed an average of 19.3 points per game, which was right near the bottom of the statistics table. C.J. Beathard will be an asset to the team as the season progresses but he’s not quite at the level to be the team’s key quarterback, leading the Doc’s Sports analysis to predict that the team will struggle throughout 2017.

San Francisco 49ers 2017 Record Prediction from Fox Sports

Again with a low prediction is Fox Sports with analyst Nick Wright. The major sports news outlet is predicting another poor record of just 2 – 14 by the end of the season.

Fox Sports only sees the team winning games against the Rams and the Jaguars. However, with a late season second game against the Rams, Fox thinks that the 49ers will only be able to win one of those battles. If you take a look at the teams that the 49ers are expected to lose to, it illustrates a fairly grim picture. The Panthers, Cardinals, Colts, Seahawks, Cowboys, Giants, Bears, Titans, Redskins, and Texans, are all teams that San Francisco is unlikely to beat, even with the positive influence that will come from a strong Head Coach like Kyle Shanahan.

Jonathan Jones Expert NFL Prediction for Sports Illustrated

Our fifth expert prediction from Jonathan Jones at Sports Illustrated is again on the low side. He’s predicting 2- 14 for the 49ers 2017 season.

Jones recognize that the combination of Shanahan and John Lynch (GM) will be good for the team, but implies that it’s going to be a long period of rebuilding that will take some time. After all, they’re both on six year contracts, so any improvement will definitely be a long haul.

The 49ers did well in the draft, but the strength of the team is still not there. Jones doesn’t see the team doing anything impressive in the first half of the season, and it probably won’t be until Week 12 that we see a pivotal game against the Seahawks. The performance of the 49ers in this game will be indicative of how they’ve been improving throughout the year, and we should see at this point if they’ve been developing under Shanahan, or if they’re still the unimpressive 49ers that we’ve seen for the past two years. The team has a tough schedule throughout the middle of the season and overall this could be a painful year for San Francisco.

The 49ers are in a rebuild phase, and even the most optimistic prediction still sees them with a losing record for 2017. Motivation will be low for the team, thanks to abysmal results in recent times, but they may be able to take some inspiration from a proven coach and a new GM that has an eye for talent. Good things will likely come in the next few years, but 2017 is likely to be a continuation of their recent sub-par form.

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