We recently covered a list of the very best players in the Premier League, based on their past performance and season potential. Power rankings can shift from week to week, particularly in a sport like football where individual player performance can change significantly between games.The following aren’t necessarily the very best players in the league (yet), but they are three of the most impressive players from the first month of the 2017 – 18 English Premier League season. While there’s no guarantee that these players will be at the top of the ranking at the end of the year, they’ve all impressed in the early games, and these will be the power players worth watching as they continue to develop and get into their flow throughout the rest of the season.

Premier League Power Players:

Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur

Forward Harry Kane is one of England’s best home grown talents, and also one of the most loyal players in football. He has been with Tottenham Hotspur all throughout his career in the Premier League, scoring 103 goals from 170 games. This year he’s scored four goals from the five games that he has played in, and he is without a doubt the strongest weapon that the Spurs have. His two goals in a recent 3 – 1 win against Borussia Dortmund prove that he’s often a game changer. Kane’s talent is not flashy like some of the other footballers in the Premier League, and he instead takes a very practical and simple approach to the football that he plays. He’s versatile and can shoot with both feet. Kane is arguably the most talented player in the Premier League who hasn’t won a championship, which raises the question of just how long he will stay with the Spurs, a team that has always been a step behind the top clubs in the league.

Keven De Bruyne – Manchester City

As an attacking midfielder, De Bruyne doesn’t have an impressive goal record to boast about. He’s scored 13 goals for Manchester City in 65 games, but the true value he brings to the game is in setting up opportunities for the Manchester City strikers. Manager of the team, Pep Guardiola, has called De Bruyne one of the best players that he’s ever seen, and he’s known by fans as the key playmaker in the squad.De Bruyne himself is modest about his skills, but he’s also supremely confident. He’s also not the kind of player who chases glory, and instead prefers to excel in his position in the midfield. In a recent interview, he said that “I get more joy from an assist sometimes, just in the way I feel. It’s nice to score a goal but I don’t get in that type of position too many times, as I did in the first year, but it doesn’t matter. I am enjoying my football and the goals will come. As long as we win, I don’t care.”For anyone wondering whether De Bruyne would switch from the middle of the formation, it doesn’t seem likely. He has said on many occasions that he prefers the deeper role in the midfield. Speaking to the media he shared his thoughts, saying that “The guys who come in [to the midfield] are so talented one against one with their speed, and ability to dribble, and I’m more of a passing player. I have Learned so much from David and Fernandinho in the middle, and from Yaya. I am getting better in that way. I have always said that the longer I play in my career, I will play deeper, because of the attributes I have in contrast to the more wing-attack players.”Most fans won’t be complaining about the position that he prefers to play in, because even at this early stage of the season, he has proven to be one of the best midfielders in the English Premier League.

Romelu Lukaku – Manchester United

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting players of the season. Manchester United made a masterstroke trade when they acquired Romelu Lukaku, and the results are already showing. He has already scored six goals at this early stage of the season, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Everton will definitely miss him, and he boosts the Manchester team and will be a huge asset as they fight to reach the top of the league table this year.Lukaku is a powerful striker who has impressive ball control. He’s well known for being able to navigate around even the best defenders, which not only makes him effective, but it also creates some intimidation for opposing teams. At 6ft 3in, he also has a commanding physical presence when on the field.Lukaku has scored half of United’s 12 goals this season, and he has said to the media that he has confidence in the rest of the team to keep the scoreboards high throughout the year. On the Manchester United club website, he was quoted as saying that “There are plenty of goals in the team. That’s what the fans want, it’s what we all want. We work really hard in training on a daily basis and it’s good that different people can jump in whenever.” Despite Lukaku’s obvious skill and star power, he is a true team player who is strategically aware whenever he is playing. Manchester’s next game will be against his old team, Everton, which should make for an interesting matchup. Power players from the first month in the English Premier League. These are the players who have consistently performed and impressed in 2017.

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