On May 14th the US Supreme Court ruled that the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was unconstitutional.  Since sports betting has finally become legal in a few States, it is expected that as many as 32 more states will be taking that route soon. While mom-and-pop offshore sportsbooks may fear the imminent changes, industry leaders such as YouWager.eu feel that their business has been finally legitimized in the eyes of the US legal system.

There are many reasons players continue to flock to YouWager regardless of whether there is legal gambling in their area.

  • No Taxes

New Jersey, for example, is currently charging between 9.75% and 15% tax on bets depending on their medium and location, with the higher percentages coming on online wagers and more fees expected to come soon.  Furthermore, large winnings can be subject to additional taxes.  Placing bets with YouWager is not only completely legal due to their licensed overseas operations but also economically advantageous and tax-free.

Sports Betting Legalization Brings Resurgence of Online Gambling 4

  • Fairer Odds

YouWager’s player-friendly lines have been heralded as industry leading for the better part of two decades.  For example, YouWager’s true Dime Line in baseball saves heavy bettors big bucks over the course of a long baseball season.

  • A Better Offering

The offerings of both local bookies and legal US sports betting establishments pale in comparison to the online selection available at YouWager.  At YouWager you will find almost unending odds for prop bets, in-game action, and exotic events just not carried by US-based competition.  And that is only considering the sports betting angle; as a one-stop-shop for all gambling desires, YouWager offers a full racebook, poker room, online casino, and live casino.

  • Bonuses

YouWager offers generous initial sign-up bonuses and reload bonuses, padding a player’s bankroll before the first bet is ever placed.  US sports betting operations not only do not offer bonuses but also some even charge fees, the opposite of what bettors are looking for.

  • Less Juice

While many brick-and-mortar betting establishments in legalized states are having to increase the industry standard 10% vig to offset costs, YouWager runs juice specials halving the cost of a player’s action.  YouWager’s standard 5% juice on Friday nights for Football is the lowest in the industry.

  • Better Parlay and Teaser Odds

YouWager has a better offering of parlay and teaser options than the competition (e.g., close-call parlays and round robins).  Additionally, YouWager has an affiliate book, BetPop, for their parlay and teaser players.  Betpop has the highest parlay and teaser payout odds in the industry.

  • Live Wagering

At YouWager, In-Game betting options keep the action coming as games progress.  Up-to-the-minute lines, prop bets, player props, and updated totals give players a buffet of betting options toppling even the most robust off-line establishment’s offerings.

  • Anonymity

YouWager allows players to play and win completely anonymously.  Players can send cash or bitcoin and get paid out the same way if they wish to keep their hobby completely off the grid.  In contrast, legal US-based sportsbooks require ID and report players to state gaming boards.

  • Convenience and Customer Service

If you are dealing with an independent physical entity, they have certain hours of operation.  On the contrary, with YouWager players can deposit, bet, and get paid the same day without ever leaving the comfort of their couches.  The key to YouWager’s 20+ years of success has been player-friendly policies and world-class 24/7 customer support both online and over the phone.  YouWager is always open for business.

  • More Promotions and Contests

YouWager offers frequent promotions, giveaways, and contests such as the Monday Night Football Challenge, Calendar Promotions, Survivor Pool, Bad Beats Special, NFL Handicapping contest, and Friday Night Juice Special, just to name a few.  Local sports books can take bets but don’t offer any of these extras.

Sports bettors know that the margin between winning and losing can be very small.  Having to pay a Sin Tax on bets on top of increasing juice prices and additional taxes on winnings can wipe out any hope of having a profitable season.  This is only going to get worse as more organizations and agencies want their cut via taxes and licensing fees.  Now the professional sports leagues even want a 1% integrity fee.

Even though legalized sports betting in the US is in its infancy, there are just too many organizations looking for a piece of the pie to make it a viable option for serious players.  YouWager’s product is orders of magnitude better than the competition.  Paying more for an inferior product is downright un-American.  This is why local establishments don’t have a chance and YouWager is where America bets.

When it comes to gambling, the answer has never been clearer: it’s YouWager, the industry leader since 1994.