It’s the most wonderful time of the year — to skip work and gamble! The 2018 NCAA Tournament is finally here and Dan “The Man” is here to help with your NCAA tournament bracket, ATS picks and betting picks.

Need betting advice? We got you covered.

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As the madness unfolds, we’re providing updated win probabilities for every team in the tournament. We’ll update these odds with the conclusion of every game, so you can see whether a Cinderella is going to keep dancing or is likely to be riding in the back seat of a pumpkin come the following round.

Every school that made the Big Dance is currently thinking that it can make a run through the Final Four and cut down the nets while “One Shining Moment” plays, but only a select few programs have a realistic chance of accomplishing this goal. Despite the NCAA Tournament’s propensity for upsets, there have been very few occasions where low-seeded squads advance to the latter stages of the event.

Think you can pick all the winners in the NCAA tournament? Probably not. There are more than nine quintillion different bracket combinations — that’s a nine, followed by 18 zeros. If you filled out that many paper brackets by hand and stacked on top of each other it would reach Pluto … and back … 60 times. You could trim that down to 128 billion-to-1 odds by factoring in ratings and seedings. Forecasting the NCAA men’s basketball tournament has become an American tradition, a fun activity for fans of all ages as winter fades.

Remember the Madness is (finally) here. Consider this your one-stop before betting on the Big Dance and increase all your winnings with Dan’s betting picks.

NCAA odds for March Madness at will be available for all games on the schedule.