Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl LII is just two days away. On Sunday, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles are set to square off in Super Bowl LII, a rematch for the two teams 13 years after the Patriots won 24-21 in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Dan “The Man” shares his final picks and predictions the Super Bowl LII. It all comes down to this. Will the Patriots assert their continued dominance or are the Eagles finally going to secure a Lombardi Trophy?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the biggest Super Bowl underdogs since 2009 and we love an underdog. America embraces the lovable team that’s not expected to win, especially when people can’t find a team to root for. They latch onto them. This week, for the Super Bowl LII, the Philadelphia Eagles are the underdog.

Even though the Patriots are a dominant force in the NFL, what stands out more than anything is just how dramatic these Super Bowls have been. Nothing was ever really easy for them, with maybe the exception of their third Super Bowl victory, against the Eagles. And even then they didn’t cover. Will the Pats repeat history this Sunday or will the underdogs raise up and snatch the trophy?